Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rhea Manipulates NGO Woman Against Prachi

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Updates


The episode begins in which Aaliya and Rhea crying at the NGO woman, and telling her that they’re weak at the moment. The NGO woman offers their a tissue. Rhea declares she is Abhishek Mehra’s sister, and doesn’t have the enough courage right now. Aaliya says that Rhea was left by her mother after which, her mother returned , and her sister took Rhea’s soon to become husband. Rhea claims that Prachi has brainwashed Ranbir and he abandoned her at the time of the mandap, and then married Prachi. She says that due to an incident, she was wed to Sid. However, Prachi had an affair with Sid and had an affair. She she reveals that when Ranbir was aware of it, he kicked Prachi off the home. She claims Ranbir was aware of his error and offered her marriage however, the marriage was short-lived, as prachi came back to claim she was Ranbir’s wife legally. She claims she’s come hereto reveal that Prachi was involved in been having an affair with the former husband. She wants to tell everyone that the child is actually a child of Ranbir right now.

Ranbir is at Prachi and asks her what she was up to. He asks her to sit on the bed and tells her that he has brought food for her. He inquires about what the woman was up to. She tells him she was looking for a saree that she could wear for the evening party. He suggests she wear healthy food, as she has been says she’s weak.

He is a fan of the food prepared to her. Prachi claims that I once refused and you were able to accept. Prachi says I’m actually clearing your doubts , and eating first to make sure you are certain that there is nothing else to it. Prachi claims that I did not think in this manner. Ranbir affirms that I swear there’s nothing that I am thinking about and asks her reflect on his thoughts and not to deny him the right to eat. He claims you’re in my mind lecturing me. He tells me to first give you food, and then will show you lots (love). He says he is sorry. Prachi wants to know why he’s being sorry. He asks, will you be able to be eating? She does a head nod.

Rhea seeks help from a woman from a non-profit organization to assist her. She asks the NGO woman asks if you are sure you’re telling the truth? the truth? Rhea states that Prachi has sought assistance from other NGOs playing the victim and requests her to protect her husband from the sin of Prachi. The NGO’s representative asks whether you have evidence of her pregnancy. Aaliya declares that we are planning be able to reveal the truth on the occasion of Ranbir’s parents’ birthday and asks that they assist Rhea otherwise Prachi’s unlegitimate child will be declared legitimate. The NGO’s woman says they’re not unlike other NGO’s. They are not like other NGO’s. They will be punished and they will have their face blackened and force them to leave through the social system. Rhea acknowledges them.

Ranbir is trying to create Prachi have food , and he declares that I’ve eaten with this hand. If you’re having trouble, you should spit it. Prachi takes the food in his hands. Shahana arrives and is smiling. Ranbir is still feeding her. Prachi insists that I consume myself. He asks her if she’s certain? She nods. Ranbir chooses the right saree for her and says that you’ll look gorgeous in this saree. He demands that she finish the food. He stares at Shahana smiling and walks away.

Shahana is inquiring Prachi to assist her and wear a saree. Prachi wants her to go with Ranbir. Shahana wants her to believe that Ranbir is a lover of her and asks her to offer him an opportunity. She tells her that since he has used kumkum for you, and has shown respect to you, and she asks you to give him the chance. Prachi states that she is thinking to tell him I’m going to become a mother. Shahana smiles and says it’s the biggest choice, and his third goal will come true. Prachi requests her to decorate the terrace in order to bring him good news. She says she would like to inform him during the anniversary celebration. Shahana states that she knows when the party begins she is excited. She huggs Prachi.

At the party, Ranbir comes and asks Dida What is his looking? Dida affirms that you’re looking attractive. Prachi is there. Ranbir asks her how she is looking? Rhea is talking to Ranbir and is able to hear him say Prachi is stunning. Dida declares that she looks gorgeous. Ranbir claims that the saree that was worn by Prachi was chosen by me. Dida claims that this saree was specifically designed for her, as is the man who chose the saree. Rhea is furious and walks away. Prachi appears asking what Dida says? Your sly smile is the best way to reveal all. Dida apply kajal and tells them it can save the world from everyone’s poor image. Rhea visits Aaliya and says that she’ll tell them that kajal isn’t a shield and Prachi’s kajal could become a problem spot for her. She reveals the girl that Dida put on Kajal to them and informs that Ranbir has feelings for Prachi once more. Aaliya states that for the man that his ego is large. When we show that Prachi is pregnant with Sid’s child the love he has for Sid will turn into hatred. Rhea questions why the reports haven’t appeared yet. Vikram and Pallavi arrive. Ranbir is with them. Rhea promises to contact the doctor. Aaliya wants her to wish her inlaws first, and then leave. Rhea wishes them a happy anniversary and promises that no poor sight will befall the family. Dida gets rid of the bad appearance from them. Pallavi stares at Prachi and is upset. She and then recalls her words. Prachi appears and offers Vikram and Pallavi a Happy anniversary. Vikram acknowledges her, while Pallavi leaves. Ranbir speaks on the phone and says that it’s his dad and mom’s birthday and they are both amazing and truly love me. He says he’s learned from his parents that when there’s no disagreement, there’s no love. He claims that their love has all the zing of life and he praises their bond. He wishes them a happy marriage anniversary and encourages the couple to celebrate their golden jubilee. He jokes that he’ll be beat up by them following the celebration. Everyone claps. Rhea remembers the words of a woman from a NGO that they would take away Prachi’s black face and let her feel unwelcome in society.

Summary: Rhea speaks to the physician, and learns the report has been sent. Aaliya is requesting the NGO’s representative to release the report. Rhea is able to hear someone else. Prachi requests Ranbir to meet her on the her terrace. She says that she wants to reveal what’s related to their relationship as well as their truth about their relationship. They are emotional.

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