Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rhea and Aaliya hire Nick to murder Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Prachi calling Ranbir as he goes from the room. Shahana tells Dida that Rhea has won. Dida says if I say that all this is happening for good, then will you believe me. She says Ranbir got angry and vent out his emotions. She says prachi’s emotions would have been out too, if he had got less angry. She says we will do Satyanarayana puja today, and we all know Ranbir will be happy with Prachi and viceversa. Shahana says this can happen when Rhea goes from here. Dida says Rhea will go with her Buji. Ranbir thinks of Prachi and his moments, walking somewhere. Prachi recalls Ranbir tying holy thread to her hand. Naina song plays……She says I can’t do this anymore. Ranbir says I am tired of doing all those things, I can request you, but can’t beg infront of you. He says I will prove and will not become guilty for the crime which I haven’t done.Aaliya and Rhea come to Nick’s house. Nick looks at them. Aaliya asks will you don’t identify us? Rhea reminds that Preeti works in their house. He says he knows them. They get in his house. Rhea looks at his house. Aaliya says we have to get our work done. Rhea tells him that they heard that he was caught by Police for theft. He asks them not to fire Preeti for that. Aaliya reminds him that she gave him 10000 Rs and asks him to return the favor. He says the time came so soon. Rhea asks what was the amount, for which you went to jail? Nick says not a big amount, and says 3 lakhs. Rhea asks if he will do someone’s murder in 6 lakhs. Nick asks murder? He says whose murder.Prachi is standing on the terrace and talks to her baby, says they used to look at the moon together, when they used to stay in rented house. She says everything is same, but your Papa is not with us, he is changed. She feels pain and asks what happened, if he/she got angry suddenly and felt bad as I talked bad about your father. He says you are connecting with your Papa even before your birth and asks baby to be like her, says she will never leave him/her and she can’t wait to see him/her. She says it will be beautiful day for me and I will tell truth to your Papa. She says sometimes I feel, he cares for me and sometimes not. She says he has confused me.Ranbir comes home and collides with Dida. He says sorry and goes. Shahana asks Dida to talk to Ranbir and Prachi. Dida says I need to give puja saree to Pallavi, and thinks it is her duty to show the right direction to her.Ranbir comes to the terrace and drinks beer. Prachi looks at him and asks why you didn’t stop when I asked you. Ranbir says why shall I stop, when you couldn’t answer me. He says why shall I answer you? Prachi says I don’t want to go with you. She says she doesn’t want to go away from family, and says I know the feeling, everyone becomes stranger. Ranbir says your thoughts are good, nobody can handle relations than you, but you don’t care about me. He says I am not in that countdown and says when you returned, I thought you just remember our love. He says when you returned, you had said that you will snatch my peace and happiness, and says you have won. He says this is all you wanted, you have ruined my condition and asks if she wants to worsen his condition more. He says I will be same, Ranbir Kohli, the youngest business tycoon. He says do whatever you want, Rhea can do whatever she wants and even Mummy. He says he will just do work and will not care for anyone. Prachi says you are drunk and says we will talk tomorrow. Ranbir says I am not drunk. Prachi asks him not to drink, and says she don’t like that. Ranbir says I was mad. He says today I came to know who had loved truly and who had acted. He says I wants to prove my innocence and can’t stay in this dirty environment. He says he says I don’t want dirty accusations on me and says you are free from my end, and says I have given your happiness back to you, finally you will be happy and free. Prachi is shocked. Judaaiyaan song plays…..Nick asks Aaliya about whose murder. Rhea shows Prachi’s picture. Nick says I have seen her somewhere. Aaliya says she stays in our house. Nick asks why? Rhea says you don’t need to know, and says we will help you and that’s why you will not be caught. She says there will be crowd in the house tomorrow. Aaliya says we will help you. Rhea says your work will be done easily. Nick says if murder was easy, then half of the population wouldn’t have been there. He says if it was easy, then you could murder her at night. He says if I get caught then I will be in jail all my life. He says his mind works faster and says he is not a professional killer. He says his mummy wanted him to become engineer, but he is a taxi driver and has talent to hide the secret. He says think about yourself, if you get caught then what you will do. He demands 8 lakhs. Aaliya negotiates with him and fixes deal at 7 lakhs. Rhea says the murder shall look like accident. He says I could do this work for 3 lakhs, but doing it for 7 lakhs. Aaliya says if we give you 3 lakhs only. Nick says then he will not do the work. Rhea says they will give him money. Nick asks if they have chandelier even now and asks her to meet Prachi for last time.Prachi tells Shahana that she will remember whatever Ranbir said, and says that he told that he freed me of his love and relation. She says I was thinking to unite with him since few days, and says may be it was our mood swings, it is good that I didn’t say anything to him while flowing in emotions. Shahana says truth will not change and says Ranbir is innocent and is grinded between the family. Prachi says he can’t prove himself innocent infront of me, now I can surely say that he and Rhea….Precap: Shahana tells Prachi that Rhea is really guilty. Prachi says if this is truth, then Rhea will see my avatar which I haven’t seen yet. Rhea tells Aaliya that Prachi will suffer as she is going to become devil from darling sister. Update Credit to: H Hasan

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