Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Aliya Plans To Free Nick

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The episode starts with Aliya telling Rhea that she will make sure that Nick is not caught before he gains consciousness, she shouldn’t worry about Sahana as she is not a big problem. Pallavi overhears them and asks what about Sahana, why they got silent once she entered, what are they hiding. Rhea says they feel Shahana is acting as falling unconscious. Pallavi asks why would she do that. Aliya says she just wanted to divert their attention from Nick toward her. Pallavi asks why is that so. Rhea says maybe it’s Prachi’s drama to get closer to Ranbir. Pallavi asks why would Prachi risk her life. Aliya says that’s not important and walks away to check on Nick.

Vikram drags unconscious Nick aside with great difficulty. Ranbir with Prachi walks to him and informs that he already informed police. Vikram says he did right. Ranbir says he doesn’t want police to come as the culprit who hired Nick must be very rich and may bribe police to free Nick, so he wants to know who the culprit is via Nick and then free Nick. Prachi says that’s police’s duty and they shouldn’t keep Nick here. Ranbir says one who wants to kill Prachi is inside the house, he cannot trust anyone and wants to know who wants to kill her. Prachi gets adamant and says Nick is a professional criminal and may harm them, so its risky to keep him here. Ranbir says risk is for the culprit who wants to kill her, he will question Nick and let him free. Vikram backs Ranbir and says they don’t know if Nick wanted to kill only Prachi or even others. Rhea hopes Nick doesn’t wake up.

Ranbir asks Rhea to get a rope and ties Nick to a pillar. Pallavi says she is tired and goes to rest. Ranbir asks Vikram to go and rest. Vikram says Ranbir should protect Prachi and let him keep an eye on Nick. Ranbir agrees and takes Prachi along. Aliya tells Rhea that she will give sleeping pills to Vikram and once he falls asleep will free Nick. Rhea asks Vikram not to take tension and goes to bring water for him. Vikram tells Nick that whoever has hired her will realize what Prachi is for Ranbir.

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