Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi’s Reassurance To Pallavi

Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pallavi ordering Preethi to bring her coffee. Nick inside cupboard thinks even he wants to have Preethi’s prepared tea. Vikram searches a file. Pallavi asks what is he searching and says nobody in this house listens to her. He says its a Mehra and Mehra blue file. Pallavi says its in that cupboard. Nick notices file in the cupboard and gets tensed. Vikram apologizes her for getting angry unnecessarily. Pallavi says whatever he thinks, Prachi is wrong for her always. She tris to open cupboard and finds it locked. Vikram asks where is the key. She says she never locks the cupboard. He says he has a spare key and goes to get it. Nick gets more tensed.

Ranbir passes by. Pallavi asks where was he, she was searching him whole day. Ranbir says she questions him when he is at home and even when is out, what does she really want. She asks why is he getting rude. He apologizes and says Nick is over his mind all the time. She asks who is Nick. He says Nick is the one who attacked Prachi and he wants to catch Nick as soon as possible. Prachi walks to him. He asks Pallavi to inform Prachi not to interfere in his work and walks away. Pallavi taunts Prachi if she heard her son’s words not to interfere in his work. Prachi says they both heard and interpreted it differently; she asked Ranbir not to run behind the culprit and waste his time, but he is not listening to her; she doesn’t want him to be in trouble because of her. Pallavi asks what magic she did on Ranbir that he doesn’t think of anything else except her; she thought she is important to her son, but he doesn’t count her at all. She requests Prachi to go away from her son’s love. Prachi recalls Ranbir insisting her that they should leave this house, assures Pallavi that she will not take her son away form her, and walks away.

Shahana walks to Prachi’s room to inform her about Aaliya and Rhea. Prachi cries saying Pallavic is misunderstanding her and thinks she is going to take Ranbir away from her, Pallavi’s fear is valid, but she will never do that. Sahana asks her to stop crying. Prachi says she is very bad and says Ranbir had asked her to move out from the family with him, but she didn’t do that. Shahana says that is good. . Prachi says Ranbir is behind the man who tried to kill her, he shouldn’t take stress to catch that culprit. Sahana says Ranbir point is valid and asks her to tell what she is hiding. Prachi says she wants Ranbir to search the culprit from home as the culprit threatened to kill Ranbir if she doesn’t stop Ranbir from chasing him. Sahana says the culprit himself is afraid and hence trying to frighten her, she should stop fighting with Ranbir as Ranbir loves her Prachi asks her to go and leave her the way she is. Sahana leaves says the both love each other and nothing else.

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