Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rhea Fools Prachi And Pallavi

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2022 Written Updates


The story begins beginning with Ranbir and Prachi asleep on their mattress. Both are sleepy. Ranbir tells Prachi I am in love with your to Prachi. Prachi is curious about what you say? Did you not listen to what I said? He replies I told you”I’m in love with you.” He then holds her hand. Kya pyaar Karoge mujhse performs ….Shahana asks if a scooter man should buy a car so that he doesn’t get into an accident. It was a mistake. Rhea is curious if anyone has asked you to take part in the incident? Aaliya tells her that if the car or scooter were yours, then you should be calm. Pallavi is begging her not to interrupt. Shahana goes. Inspector demands Aaliya to go to the PS and suggests that you have admitted to the crime or offered compensation to the man. Aaliya apologizes, and says that I’m not gonna stretch the truth and that she will be able to pay the compensation. Inspector demands that she complete the formalities and close the situation. Rhea is looking at Ranbir as well as Prachi and asks, what are their whereabouts? She believes she took the risk of his life and is wondering if Prachi is together with Ranbir.

She goes to Prachi’s bedroom and discovers Ranbir and Prachi asleep. She yells “What’s the matter” and then asks Prachi to wake up. Prachi says let me sleep, I need rest. Rhea asks if you are drank bhang. Prachi claims that I was sleepy after taking the medicine prescribed by my doctor. Rhea asks me what the husband’s doing inside your bedroom. Prachi claims that I thought it is my bedroom and gets up. Rhea claims that it’s your room, and that you brought Ranbir here to find out what’s not right with him. Prachi wants to know what she can do to him to come over. Rhea is scolding her for trying to be a snitch with her the husband of her younger sister and is called unworthy. Prachi claims that I haven’t done any wrong. Rhea wants her to not have any shame, and she says that I didn’t give you a definition of your name. She says that you’ve got an eye at your younger sister’s husband and inquires about the husband of her sister. is known as jija and says that shame would be unjust. Prachi is shouting Rhea and says that I do not understand your words I just heard a couple of words and then became angry. She requests her to take her things and then leave. Rhea confronts her. Prachi requests Ranbir to take a seat and go to his room. Rhea follows him to his room and departs. Prachi lies on the mattress.

Rhea has taken Ranbir into the room. She explains that a major mistake is about to take place. Aaliya assists her in bringing Ranbir into the bedroom. Shahana is able to see Ranbir in Rhea’s bedroom. She inquires about why Ranbir is doing in the room and tells him he shouldn’t be present? Rhea asks who is it you to choose? Shahana claims I is his sister-in-law and asks her. Rhea declares that I’m not accountable to you and scolds Shahana for not treating her with respect for her. She claims that I am the wife of Ranbir and I wish you an answer that was firm. She she says that spouse and husband are in the same room and that Prachi herself has asked me to bring Ranbir to his room. Shahana believes Prachi cannot say this, and returns to her bedroom. Prachi is asleep. Shahana informs Prachi that Rhea has brought Ranbir to her room in order to share a wedding day with Ranbir. Prachi declares that she has taken the tablet that was pregnant and then sleeps.

Shahana believes her doctor told her that she could go to sleep after taking a pain-reducing tablet. She is thinking of how she can stop Rhea? Rhea demands Ranbir to stand and asks her to look who’s in front of her. Ranbir is able to look up and imagines Prachi standing in front of him. Rhea is able to get closer and kisses him. Pallavi is stopped by Shahana and asks if she’s peeking in the room of Rhea. Shahana claims Ranbir is in the room. Pallavi calls her shameless. Shahana says that should Rhea continues to be with Ranbir the present day, all relatives are going to be embarrassed. Pallavi claims they’re married, and I have been blessed by Rhea with grandsons or a grand daughter in the near future.

Shahana says Ranbir loves Prachi. Pallavi declares that Ranbir is my child. He asks me If he requests the moon, shall I grant him that. Shahana states that you would not have given him the sun. She claims Ranbir was drunk, and doesn’t know what’s going on? Pallavi admits that Vikram drinks and says that he can distinguish between another woman and me. She states that you’re on tourist visa , and should you disturb Rhea and Ranbir the next day, I’ll be able to cancel your visa and remove you from the premises. She states that Dida isn’t here, as well. Vikram as well as Prachi are asleep, therefore there is no help for you. Shahana believes Prachi will need me at the beginning of the day. Pallavi states that I’ll be there so that nobody disturbs my son and daughter-in-law. law.

Vikram awakes and realizes it’s early. He believes he is suffering from headaches and calls Pallavi. He goes through the list and realizes that he forgot to include Rishi Oberoi, his wife and family. He decides to contact them. He contacts Rishi to invite them to a the holi celebration. He claims he’s entered the hotel industry and has was informed that Rishi (rishi) is in the event business. He invites them to the celebration and asks them to come. Rishi promises that we’ll be there and says it’s our goal to celebrate Holi with your family and friends. He thanked for the invitation.

In the early morning, Prachi wakes up and is shocked to see Shahana sitting on the couch. She inquires about what happened. Shahana claims that I was in this room all night and could not go to sleep. Prachi questions what was going on? Shahana promises to reveal the truth at some point and asks her not to believe Ranbir is wrong.

Rhea informs Aaliya the story of how Ranbir and I were sleeping together throughout the night. Aaliya praises her and then hugs her. Shahana states that Rhea told her that you sent Ranbir along with her. Prachi confirms that I did send him and says that Rhea arrived and got into a fight with her, and she was able to send Ranbir. Shahana declares that you made an error and says I’m afraid Rhea had a wedding party with Ranbir.

Rhea says to Aaliya that they didn’t get to celebrate their the wedding day and she was planning to kiss him while he slept. Aaliya claims that nobody knows you didn’t share a wedding with him. She invites her to lay on the floor beside Ranbir and promises to contact all the relatives present. She asks her to not shut the door once she is inside. Rhea is curious about what you are telling us? Aaliya states that I’ll tell you that you weren’t awake at the time I called, so I am worried. I’ll open the door and everyone will be looking at you two. She tells her to do what she told her and then asks her to lie down next to him.

Prachi declares that Ranbir cannot accomplish this feat. She is running. Aaliya is the one to bring Pallavi in the living room. Pallavi smiles when she sees Rhea and Ranbir asleep. Rhea pretends to awaken and tells Ranbir you’re here? Ranbir is looking at Rhea and becomes stunned. He asks, how did I get here? He glances at Prachi and becomes more shocked. Prachi is scared to leave. Rhea is asking Aaliya to gift her a dress. Pallavi assures her that we will not distract the kids, they’ll surprise us with the grandchild’s surprise. Aaliya kisses Rhea’s cheeks , and declares that I am so happy for you. They walk away. Ranbir is looking at Rhea.

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