Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi proves Baji wrong

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Scene 1
The spy pushes Kashi away who hits her head on the stone. Krishna grabs him and says how dare you. The spy tries to run away but Kashi throws her dagger at him and he falls down. She grabs him and says you thought you could run away? She ties him with a rope. Krishna says he is injured already. Kashi says he tried to attacked my Baji, he has to be punished. I will take him back. Krishna says what will I do? Kashi says people are calling me betrayer because of you so think what you have to do. Just think if you want me to bear your punishment or if you have shame then you will come back yourself. Krishna cries and says I don’t have the guts to come back. Kashi says tomorrow I will be announced as a betrayer if you don’t show up so think about that. She ties the spy to her horse and goes from there. Krishna looks on.

Ragma is worried about Kashi and says why are we not sending people to look for her. Baji comes there and says she shouldn’t have run away. Chimaji says she might be in trouble. Baji says I don’t think so. The soldier comes there and says Kashi has entered the palace with a prisoner. Baji comes there and sees Kashi about to fall from her horse. He lifts her in his arms and checks her wound on the forehead. He caresses his face. Kashi wakes up and smiles at him. Bajji offers her water and says I can’t understand you, why are you smiling? Kashi says you broke another condition, you wiped my tears today. Baji looks away and puts her on the stature, the soldiers take her away. Baji looks on.

Baji beats the spy and says how dare you attacked Peshwan? I will not spare you. I am giving you a death punishment. He takes his sword and glares at him.

Baji comes to Radha’s room and says you were wrong. Radha is praying to Balaji. Baji says my father always told me to listen to my heart. I was wrong to doubt Peshwan and you were wrong to insult her. Radha asks him to sit down and says you are Peshwa, you will be responsible for your decisions. You gave her a chance to Kashi and sent her to find Krishna. If she had not gone then you would have caught Krishna. You took those decisions so don’t blame me for those. Baji moves away from her and says I feel like you know how to do politics. I have a request to always respect the king and a queen. You won’t do anything which will insult Peshwan (Kashi). He leaves from there. Radha is angry.

The security head Sooriya asks Baji how is Kashi? He says she is getting treated. Sooriya says Kashi was brave to go behind the spy and bring him back. I think she has proven herself and you should forgive her.

Ganga tells Kashi that you have caught the attacker that you should talk to Baji to forgive you. Kashi says no, he asked you to bring Krishna back but I couldn’t. I had to get that spy. She says I have to do something and leaves from there.

Kashi comes to the punishment area and recalls Baji’s words that she would be punished if she can’t bring her brother. She looks at the death noose. Ganga says what are you doing? Kashi says I couldn’t bring Krishna back and he never came back so I should be punished in his place.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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