Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji praises Kashi’s strategy

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Scene 1
Kashibai is making parsad with all women. Baji comes there so she goes to him. Baji says I can’t understand you, if you can’t find your brother till tomorrow then you will be punished. Kashi says I will send this parsad to every household, I am sure God will help me but I need to do something on my own also. She whispers to him that this is my way of trying to find him. Baji says what? Kashi says you are slow, I will send this parsad to every house and we will find Krishna as he can’t leave Saswad so he must be hiding somewhere here. Baji says it’s not a bad strategy Kashi. She says I care about your honor and this family as I am daughter-in-law of this house and won’t let you down. Baji says you are doing well, if you need my help then let me know. Kashi says thank you, we are making parsad and then we will go to distribute it. We can do this ritual every year. Baji says it’s a nice suggestion, I will think about it.

Kashi is packing parsad and thinks I am sure Krishna is hiding in someone’s house and I will find him. Radha comes there and says Kashi has to come with us. Your brother is a criminal so you have to be locked. Kashi says I have to do some work, please. Radha says you have no choice. Baji comes there and says let her go, she is not our criminal till now. He asks Kashi to keep making her parsad. Kashi nods at him as a thank you. He goes to Radha and says I need to talk to you, they both leave.

Baji tells Radha that I have fought many enemies and I can say that Kashi is not one to run away. Don’t worry. Radha says don’t forget that your father died because of her. Baji says I didn’t forget that and I still hate her but my baba taught me that we should give a chance to every enemy. The soldier comes there so Baji goes with him.

Scene 2
Kashi tells her women to distribute parsad in every household, you have to enter the house and if someone is not letting you in then inform us.

Baji talks to his security head and asks him to keep an eye on Kashi and her force and protect them. The security head says they are well-equipped so we don’t need to worry.

Kashi starts distributing parsad in every household and makes sure to enter in the house. A man is hiding in the bushes and sees Kashi around. Kashi goes to him and recognizes him, she says thank you for protecting us but we are well-equipped. Thank you Baji. Baji says you have a good strategy, you can be a good warrior. Kashi smiles and goes back. The security head smiles at Baji. He glares at him and leaves.

A woman comes to Kashi and says there is a house where I knocked but they are not opening the door. Kashi knocks on the door and a man comes out. The man says please leave from here. Kashi says we just want to give parsad. She enters his house and asks for Krishna. She looks around and finds Krishna grabbing a woman and a child. He runs from there. Kashi says let him go. She tells her women to let him go. Krishna is running in the jungles and Kashi goes behind him.

Radha tells Baji that I told you that Kashi would run away, she is nowhere to be found. She ran away with her brother, they are both betrayers.

Krishna is running in the jungle and thinks why did Kashi let me run? Kashi is following him and thinks I have given him a chance to run. Krishna meets the spy in the jungle and says you have destroyed my life. I have become a criminal now, I thought we will be safe but not anymore. The spy says I am going to run from here. Kashi comes there and says I won’t let you run. The spy pushes her away and runs. Krishna is worried for Kashi.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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