Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi gives a push back to Baji

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comScene 1Baji throws an arrow toward Kashi but it misses. Kashi thinks if he is punishing me? Baji thinks this is nothing for a punishment. He keeps throwing arrows at her but they all miss. Kashi asks what is all this? Baji says I can’t kill you but what can I do with you? Kashi says you hate me this much? What have I done? Baji says how dare you to stop me from leaving? You requested Rajmata to stop me right? My father’s dream is my dream. You want to destroy me right? Kashi says I am not playing any game, I did it for our people. There are no enemies trying to attack us so you can stay here for some days to pacify your people on Diwali. The soldiers that came back with you after 7 years want to spend some time with their families, at least let them have peace of mind for some days. Their wives lived for 7 years in pain. Baji says the soldier’s only duty is to fight. Kashi says you only said earlier that a soldier is also a son, father, and husband too. Baji recalls that. Kashi says I am not stopping your dreams but think about the happiness of your soldiers too, maybe it will give you peace too. Baji says I want to believe you but you kept fooling me, you want to trap me? Kashi says I have no reason to trap you, I said what I wanted to, you can do what you want to. She leaves from there.Scene 2Baji announces to everyone that we will leave after the soldiers celebrate the function with their families. All cheer for Baji and Kashi. Shahu says I am happy to see Baji and Kashi taking care of their people. He gifts Baji a Bhoomi. Krishna is jealous seeing that. Shahu says we will leave now. All cheer for him. Kashi glares at Krishna. Rajmata tells Kashi that I didn’t like when you said that Baji shouldn’t leave right now. But now I understand. Kashi says thank you for understanding my request. Rajmata says I am blessing you as your soft heart is your strength and weakness. She gifts her an idol and says take care of yourself and Baji. Radha glares at Kashi. Shahu and his family leave Saswad.Kashi calls Krishna to her room. He gifts her something. She says what do you want? Krishna says your husband has become a Peshwa so it’s my gift. Kashi sees its a gold necklace. Krishna says it’s a rare piece. A woman comes there so Kashi goes to her. The woman asks if she can give her an off for 3 days? Kashi gives it. Krishna says I will leave now. Kashi says we found out about the spy. Krishna gets tensed and says what? Kashi says I will tell it to Baji and he will take care of him. Krishna thinks I can’t destroy their relationship more. Kashi thinks I hope I am wrong about doubting you.Kaviri is taking care of Radha and says Rajmata likes Kashi, everyone likes her and your importance is going down. Radha shouts at her to leave. She leaves. Baji comes there and says you hurt your foot to stop Kashi from coming to the function? Radha says she is smart, you lost to her because of me. She says you have 3 conditions and 3 days left so be careful. Do something that will make Kashi leave tomorrow from here.The episode ends. Update Credit to: Atiba

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