Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji accepts Kashi as his wife

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Baji takes care of Kashi while she is lying unconscious in his bed. Ganga brings the doctor there. Baji gets awkward and leaves from there.

Chimaji comes to Baji and says Kashi used to light diya every day in your honor, she was sad today and lit up the diya before leaving from here and the fire broke out because of it. Ragma said so. The chief says it’s good that Baji saved her. Radha comes there and asks how is Kashi? Baji says she is fine, thankfully. Radha says this is all her drama to not leave Saswad, this fire broke out because of her diya. Baji says that doesn’t mean she deliberately did it. Radha says the fire never broke out in the last 7 years so why today? she deliberately did it. Baji says you know she could have hurt herself if I didn’t reach on time. She was unconscious when I reached her. I always blamed Kashi for his father’s death but it was not her fault, she was just honoring her promise to baba. I think she is innocent and I understood that when I talked to you. You never wanted me to know about your health because I am a soldier first. Same way Kashi hid about baba’s health because he made her promise to not tell anyone and let him fight till the end as a warrior. If you did it and was not wrong then how can we blame Kashi? You both did what a warrior’s women would do. You have made me realize I was wrong to blame Kashi.

Kashi wakes up, Ganga makes her drink water. Kashi recalls about the fire and says I am in Baji’s room? What? Ganga laughs and says your Baji jumped in the fire and brought you here. Ragma says we all saw that. Kashi says but.. he was about to leave for the war? Ragma says he found out about Radha’s fever and stopped before leaving. Ragma says you are in your right place now which is Baji’s room. Kashi says no, he wants me to leave so I will leave. Baji comes there and hears all that. Ganga and Ragma leave them alone. Kashi blushes and says I got to know that you saved me so thank you. Baji says I would have done the same for anyone. Kashi looks sad. Baji asks if she needs anything? Kashi says no, I am fine so I will leave Saswad now. Baji looks away.

Radha comes to the mandir and thinks Kashi is so clever, she traps my son every time. Baji never talked to me like that before. She hears women talking in the mandir about Baji saving Kashi. Kaviri asks them to leave. Radha thinks this happened because I got ill. Radha is leaving the mandir when Krishna greets her. Radha says you should work hard to give us our money back, you are a beggar so know your standard, get lost and never show your face to me again. Krishna feels insulted and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Kashi tries to leave Baji’s room but he shouts at her to lie down. He says I mean.. you should take a rest. Kashi thinks what is wrong with him? Baji says I broke my 7th condition by entering your room. Kashi says you said that it’s not about conditions so I will leave anyway. Baji looks at her jewelry and says why is it here? Kashi says Ganga took them off, I will take them away. Baji stops her and holds her hand. He makes her wear the bangles and sits with her. He says I have hurt you a lot but I want to rectify my mistakes. Kashi is surprised. Baji says you will stay here with me forever as my wife. Not because you won the conditions but because I have realized you were not responsible for Baba’s death, the situation was not in our favor and you were just honoring the promise to him. Kashi gets emotional and says you have forgiven me? Baji says you were never wrong, I was misunderstanding things. You are innocent in all this. Kashi cries and hugs him. Baji is surprised but hugs her too.

Kashi is smiling in her room. Ganga and Ragma come there and ask what happened? Kashi says Baji said I can stay here and he has forgiven me. I can’t believe it. I have more responsibilities now. Ragma says Baji will go on war and you will be separated again. Kashi looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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