Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji saves Kashi’s life and realizes about his mistake

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Scene 1
Baji is ready to leave for the war. He says Ayi didn’t come to bless me. Kaviri comes there and says Radha has sent the sacred thread for your protection. Baji says if she sent it then she has to tie it to me. He comes outside her room and says I won’t leave till you don’t meet me. He enters her room and she tries to show that she is not ill. Baji says I feel you are miffed with me. Radha says it’s not like that, I just didn’t want to see you go away. Baji says you are my strength so tie this thread to me and I will be back after the war. Radha ties the thread on his arm and blesses him. She is about to fall down. Baji holds her and says you have a high fever.

Kashi is sulking in her room, Ragma comes there and says Baji is about to leave. Kashi says I will have to leave now. There is no choice left, if God doesn’t want me to stay then I have to go. She tells Ragma to keep lighting diya in her room, this diya was my partner in my loneliness. My soul will stay in this room even if I leave. Ragma looks on.

The doctor checks Radha and tells Baji that she was ill for days, Kaviri did come to take medicines for her some days ago but I didn’t know about her condition. It’s good that you called me at the right time. Baji says Kaviri knew about her illness? He shouts where is she? Kaviri has run from the palace. Baji runs behind her and grabs her. He shouts how dare you to hide that Radha was ill? He is about to kill her but Radha comes there and says stop it. It’s not her fault, I told her to not tell about my illness till you go on a war. She asks Kaviri to leave. Baji says why? Radha says it’s my duty to not stop you from the war. It was not right for me to tell about my condition. Baji recalls how Kashi did the same thing with his baba. Radha says I made Kaviri promise to not tell you about my condition as you had to go on a war. You are a Peshwa and you have duties so I was sure that I will be fine and I couldn’t stop you from going on a war. As your mother, I couldn’t stop a warrior from fulfilling his duties. Baji recalls how Kashi did exactly the same thing with baba when he made her promise to not tell anyone about his condition.

Kashi is sadly sitting in her room and lights diyas. She closes her eyes and tries to find inner peace. Curtains catch fire from diyas but Kashi didn’t notice it.

Baji is in his room and recalls everything, his hatred for Kashi and then Radha doing the same thing. How he kept blaming Kashi for his father’s death and how he asked her to leave Saswad. Baji says what did I do? Kashi..

Kashi opens her eyes and finds her room on fire. She screams for Baji and sees herself surrounded by fire. Baji comes outside Kashi’s room and finds smoke coming out. He rushes inside her room and knocks on the door. He breaks the door and finds fire all around the door. He jumps inside and looks for Kashi who has fainted in the fire. Baji rushes to her and picks her up. He takes her out of the room and calls for the doctor. He asks his soldiers to doze off the fire. Radha says I will call a doctor and take her to my room. Baji says you should go and rest, I will take Kashi to my room. Radha looks on. Ganga brings water for her. Baji sprinkles water on her. Radha thinks Kashi found a way to enter my son’s room, it’s her victory but I won’t let her make a place in baji’s life. Baji lifts Kashi in his arms and takes her to his room. Radha thinks I will throw her out of his room out soon.

Baji brings unconscious Kashi to his room and puts her on the bed, he rubs her hands and recalls every time Kashi helped him. He caresses her face and thinks I did a grave mistake, I was wrong about Kashi.

the episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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