Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji is insistent that Kashi has to leave

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Scene 1
Baji shouts at Kashi that he can never forget and forgive her so she should leave. He goes from there. Kashi says enough, I leave my relationship in God’s hands now.

Radha is coughing, Baji comes there so she tells Kaviri to tell him I am asleep. Kaviri comes to Baji and says she is asleep.

Krishna comes to his cottage after working hard all day and tries to eat but he has nothing. Kashi comes there and brings food for him. He cries and says I don’t deserve your sympathy. Kashi says I am your sister right now. She sees his hands injured and makes him eat with her own hands. Krishna gives her 2 coins that he earned. Kashi says you should give to the finance. Krishna says I want to give this to you every day. Kashi says I have to leave tomorrow.

In the morning, the priest tells Baji that the good time for pooja is after 2 days. Baji says I have to leave today only so do something. The priest says your wife can sit in the pooja in your place. Baji says she won’t be here so my Ayi can attend the pooja. The priest says she can’t sit in the pooja. Kashi says she is his mother so she should do the pooja. The priest says this pooja is about a family so only a couple should do it. Baji asks them all to leave. Baji tells Kashi that you are taking Radha’s side, I wish you had talked about baba’s illness too. He would have been alive if you had spoken up. Your promise was bigger than his life. You have to leave at any cost so prepare for it.

Kashi comes to her room. Ganga asks what does she want to wear in the pooja? Ragma says this pooja is done so that wives can fast and pray for their husbands. Kashi says I have left the decision in God’s hands, if he wants me to leave then I will. Ganga hugs her.

Radha is not well. Baji comes to her so Kaviri comes there and says you can’t meet her right now as she is praying. Baji says I have to talk to her. Radha says let me do my prayer first. Baji says the priest wants to do the pooja after 2 days so I thought Chimaji and Ragma can do it as I don’t want to give her a chance to Kashi to stay here. Radha says you are right. Baji thinks why is she not talking to me?

Ganga comes to Baji and says Kashi wants you to come and do pooja with her. Baji says she is doing another pooja? I can’t understand her, he leaves from there.

The pooja starts, Kashi waits for Baji. He arrives there and does pooja with her. He leaves as soon as it’s done. Kashi prays to God for their relationship. Kashi says I will put the items in Radha’s room.

Baji is getting ready to leave for the war. Radha is in her room and is coughing, she says it’s time for me to meet you soon. She is about to fall down. Kaviri says I will call the doctor. Radha says I will get treated after Baji leaves for the war.

Baji is dressed in his warrior dress and comes to Kashi. He says I give you the last right to apply tilak to me. Kashi applies tilak to him and recalls their moments together. Baji says I have to leave now and you too.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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