Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu and Akriti’s marriage gets fixed

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anu saying I avoided a good person because of you, you were wrong, you did too much with her. Gungun asks what are you saying. He says your fake innocence won’t work on me, so bye forever and thanks for nothing. She says just listen to me first, I m happy that this marriage is cancelled. He says I m also happy. She says I m marrying someone else, that lucky man is Sarvar. He says I pity you, you are marrying a NRI joker. She says he isn’t crazy like you, he doesn’t insult me always, come in my marriage. He says I won’t come, because even my marriage is happening that day. She asks who is that poor girl, tell me or I have to ask your family. He says stay away from them. She asks him to cut the cake and go. He says enough, you have no limit to be disgusting, but I have a limit of tolerance, you celebrate your break up and loneliness. He leaves.

The waiter gets the cake. Gungun says he left, but its abshagun to leave the cake, you cut it, its good that I got rid of Anu. Anu comes to take his bag. Gungun comes home and cries. She says its tears of joy. Garima consoles her. Gungun sees Maya and scolds her. Riddhesh comes. Maya says do anything you want, I did all this for you, for my daughter.

Gungun says they don’t want to see my face, Anu insulted me. Maya asks where is your self esteem. Riddhesh scolds Maya. He says they didn’t insult me when I went to apologize to them, they have decency which you don’t have, they were broken and upset. He calls Maya a Naagin that she ruined her daughter’s happiness. He says they don’t want to keep any terms with us, they said they will keep Anu’s wedding on the same day in the same mandap but with some other girl. Gungun says it means Anu was saying the truth, I want to go there and talk to them. He says they won’t listen to us now. Gungun cries. Maya says I can’t leave you in this state and go, you can hate me, I won’t go until I get you married in a rich family. Riddhesh says a qualified man can get all the luxuries for his wife. Gungun asks Maya to get out. Maya asks where will I go. Maya says please, don’t make me out of your life. Garima says don’t do the sin of insulting a mum. Gungun says she isn’t my mum. Maya says I won’t go leaving you. She shouts I will kill myself if you all make me away. She faints down. Riddhesh checks her.

Everyone eats sweets after fixing Akriti and Anu’s marriage. They all praise Akriti. Shankar says Anu should have been here, we would have met him. Akriti says I feel guilty to marry Anu, when he was marrying Gungun, she will feel bad. Sunanda says Gungun’s marriage broke because of her. Shankar says they will get punished for their deeds. Riddhesh treats Maya. Garima says I will stay here. He says it was an anxiety attack, but she will be fine, don’t worry. Gungun argues with him. She asks are you sure that she is really unwell, maybe its her drama. He says her BP was high so she fainted, we can’t ask her to leave, don’t give her stress. She asks what about our stress. Garima says it’s a matter of few things. He says we have no way than to adjust for few days. Akriti calls Garima and asks how are you, I called you because I was missing you. Garima cries and says I m fine, how are you. Akriti says good, I felt I need you, my marriage is fixed, groom’s family asked me about you, we made an excuse, they may break this relation. Garima says forgive me, I couldn’t give you any happiness. Akriti says maybe my fate is bad, my happiness is in your hands. She acts.
Anu scolds Gungun and returns the ring. He says its too late, you broke my faith. Gungun cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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