Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu and Gungun’s breakup party

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akriti smiling seeing Anu. He explains his juniors and asks Akriti about the theory. She says you are never wrong, this theory will also work like always. Gungun comes to talk to Anu. The guy says a drama happened at Gungun’s house yesterday. Anu says we are in an imp meeting, wait outside. Gungun scolds him. Akriti says this is our office, talk with manners. Gungun asks her to stay in limits. Anu goes with Gungun. He asks why did you come here, no use to apologize, I will never forgive you. Gungun says oh please, don’t think so, I m very happy that the marriage is cancelled.

They argue. She says I m throwing a party to celebrate, its breakup party. His team members laugh. Anu says they are laughing on you. She asks him to come in the party, else she will call him and trouble him. She says I will curse you, like a hair is found in your food, your internet runs on 2G speed, your glasses break. Akriti says I need to talk to Gungun in private. She asks Gungun to come. She says I can understand, your ego is hurt that the marriage broke, you are giving a chance to people to laugh on you, you didn’t want to marry him, why are you reacting like this. Gungun asks why are you acting good. Akriti says I care for Anu, leave him alone, don’t force him to go in the party. Gungun says tell Anu to be there at 8pm. Gungun wears the ear buds and goes. Akriti falls down and acts hurt. Anu asks what happened. She says I was explaining her not to trouble you, she angrily pushed me and left. The guy says Gungun didn’t even turn back to see. Anu sees Gungun leaving. Anu thinks to go in the party. Charu calls Akriti’s dad. He introduces himself. He praises Akriti. He says we like her a lot, we want Akriti to become our daughter and come home. Her dad gets happy. Charu says we are asking her hand for Anubhav, they know each other since many years. Her dad says I was going to talk to you, she likes Anu, then I heard Anu’s marriage is fixed. Charu says yes, but that alliance broke, we liked Akriti. Her dad says she can never refuse for this alliance, thanks, we are lucky to get a family like yours for her. Charu says we have fixed the marriage date already. Her dad Shankar says so soon….. Charu says we are helpless. Shankar says it will happen as you want. Charu says thanks, we shall meet soon. He ends call and says Akriti’s dad has agreed. They all get happy.

Akriti asks are you going somewhere. Anu says I have some imp work. She says I know you are going in the breakup party, why did you refuse then. He says I have decided something, I want to tear Gungun’s chapter from my life forever. She asks what will you do there. He says something that she never disturbs me again. She asks where is the party. Gungun waits for Anu. She asks about the cake and food. She says its not a birthday party, it’s a breakup party, songs should know related to breakup. Akriti messages Anu to drive safe. Shankar calls her. She says I had my food, don’t worry. He says Charu called me. She asks what did he say, he took your number to talk. He says he asked your hand for Anu, but I refused. She asks what, why. He says I thought you won’t be interested, you said you don’t want to marry. She says I love Anu. He laughs and says I knew it, I wanted to hear it from you, I said yes, happy no, but Charu finalized the marriage date, how will we manage. Akriti says main issue will be of mum, Anu’s family wants to keep all rituals. He asks do you mean we have to invite Garima. She says no, we have to get her home. Shankar says okay, I have no problem but you talk to her. She says I will convince her, someone should be there to take care of you after my marriage. Anu comes and sees Gungun. They argue. He asks why did you do that in the party. She says I didn’t do anything. He says you made your mom do that. He scolds her and asks do you realize how it feels to get insulted, you are celebrating breakup party here, I came to tell you that don’t come back in my life, you were like the tough stain in my life, stay out of my life.

Anu and Gungun argue. He returns the ring. She cries. He leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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