Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu breaks the marriage

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The Episode starts with Maya shouting enough. Anu says I just started, you are so poor that you couldn’t raise your daughter, you couldn’t give her values and teach her common sense and manners, Gungun isn’t serious about her life and career, she failed in B.A. exams, you were making fun of my family, does your daughter have any goal. Maya says don’t dare say anything about Gungun. He says you were saying nonsense about my family, you left your daughter to fulfil your American dream. He claps for her. Gungun cries. Riddhesh asks Anu to stop it. anu says you should have told this to your wife when she was insulting my family, you stood and heard everything, you either have no voice in front of her or you are also involved with her to break this alliance. Anu asks what was the need to do all this drama. Riddhesh says we don’t want this. Anu asks why didn’t you make your wife quiet when she was insulting my family, we didn’t come to beg you for this alliance, you came to us to get your ill mannered daughter married to a valued man who can teach her values. Maya says this is his real side. Anu says no, I got to see your truth, especially Gungun, she claims to hate her mom, but she did planning and plotting with her mom against my family, you know that I was never happy with this alliance, but I agreed for my family’s sake, and today, I break this alliance for my family’s sake. Gungun cries.

Riddhesh, Garima and everyone worry. Akriti smiles. Anu falls down. His family brings him home. Anu says Gungun is a loser, fraud, cheat. Akriti says he won’t get senses so soon, its alcohol overdose, don’t worry, he will be fine after a good sleep. Charu asks Yug to take Anu to room. They all think when did Anu get drunk, maybe someone tricked him to have it. Golu says I will find out who made him drink. Akriti recalls.

She goes to take care of Anu. Sargam says you helped us a lot. Akriti says no, wrong was happening there, sorry if you felt bad. Sargam says no, I felt glad, you have raised voice for us. Gungun recalls whatever happened. Garima asks staff to clear everything and go home. She asks Gungun to have food. Gungun says no, I will do what I should have done before, morning will happen when Maya leaves from here. Garima calls Riddhesh. Gungun asks Maya to get out of her house. Maya says I know you are angry. Gungun packs her bags and argues with her. Charu asks everyone to go and sleep, and forget it. Chandru asks why, we just had respect, and lost that today. Sunanda says yes, you didn’t let us say anything. She cries. Chandru says Golu and I don’t feel bad for ourselves, you were called thief, why didn’t you let us say anything. Charu says its their manners to insult, and its our manners to respect, we don’t know Maya, we thought she is like us.

Chandru says Gungun is also like her mum. Golu says no, she tried hard, but Maya didn’t listen, she planned to break the alliance, its not Gungun’s mistake. Chandru says Gungun tod her everything about our family. Golu says Maya would have insulted us some other way. They argue. Chavi says Gungun made Anu wear that suit, her friends were making fun of him. Yug and everyone come. Sargam says Gungun doesn’t value Anu. Chandru says Akriti stood by us, Gungun was just seeing the drama. Sargam says I can never forgive her. Sunanda says don’t know who fed the wine to Anu. Akriti says I have to tell something, it was my mistake, Anu was angry, so I gave him water, I swear, I didn’t know that it was wine. Golu says it means you fed him the wine. She says this happened by mistake, sorry, I thought you will misunderstand me, I swear, I didn’t know that, Gungun is my cousin, but she did wrong, she isn’t deserving of Anu. Golu says she loves us a lot. Charu says we have seen her love and respect for us, no one will take her name in this house. Garima asks Gungun to calm down. Gungun asks Maya to get out from her life and house. Maya says I saved you from that greedy family. Gungun says don’t you dare, I will not hear a word against that family, Anu was right, you left a chameleon behind in changing colours, your tears and concern were fake, I should have not forgiven you, you don’t deserve it, I thought you have changed and really love me, you couldn’t become a mum, I don’t want to see your face. She asks Riddhesh to ask Maya to leave. He says it will happen what you want, calm down and go to your room. Gungun goes.

Riddhesh says I don’t know I m angry on you or myself, I know you but couldn’t see you fake tears, you are selfish, get out of this house, you have no place in our life. Maya says I m not going anywhere, I will go to Kamini’s house because Gungun is upset, but I will come back, I have a legal right on this house, I will have breakfast here. She leaves. Riddhesh says she ruined it all, she has hurt Gungun and Anu’s family. Akriti asks Yug to feed lemon water to Anu and not let him come to institute, he will have a headache. She says I will go now. Sargam asks how will you go at night. Akriti says I will manage. Sargam says no, it won’t be right. Golu taunts Akriti. Divya asks Akriti to stay with them at night and go tomorrow. Everyone insists and stops Akriti. Charu refuses to have food. Akriti asks them to have food, else they will have acidity. Sargam says no, you are a guest. Akriti says you can help me, try the food I make. She goes. Chandru says these are called values. Sargam agrees.

Anu says I know you are ill mannered and foolish, but you broke my trust. Gungun says I wanted to bond with the family and you also. Anu says its too late. He returns the ring. He says everything is over. She cries.

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