Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu defends Maya’s insulting remarks

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The Episode starts with Akriti asking won’t you give any answer to Maya. Anu says I m silent because of Charu. She says they think you are weak, don’t you and your family have no respect, they are judging you by clothes, your intelligence and values make you different in the crowd, how will they understand if you don’t say anything, say something, else Maya’s words will be believed true, they did too wrong today, but you are the reason for this wrong. Anu looks at her. She says you got fixed alliance with such a girl, this had to happen, everyone will taunt Charu, please answer Maya. Anu gets angry. Akriti says don’t go in anger, take a stand for your family, drink water. Anu drinks it and leaves. Akriti smells the glass and says oh no, this was wine. Gungun says you cheated me, you had insulted my would be inlaws, go and apologize to them. Maya refuses. She asks her to come out of her bubble. She says you should thank me for showing their status. Gungun shouts shut up, there is no use to talk to you, dad will come and handle this. She calls Riddhesh. Riddhesh comes and says food is served, what happened. Maya says I have told what you couldn’t say. He asks what did you say, tell me, what happened. Anu is drunk. Anu says so much happened, we shall leave. Riddhesh asks what happened. Anu says I m sure you also wished the same. Riddhesh asks what do you mean. Sargam and Divya ask what had happened there. Chandru tells them everything. Riddhesh is shocked.

He asks Maya what is this misbehavior. Anu says let it be, we understood what you think about us. Maya says even then you are here like a shameless, maybe you all are insult proof, you have much experience of insult. Anu shouts shut up. Akriti comes. Anu says if you say a word now, then I will not leave you. Akriti signs them that Anu is drunk. They all get shocked. Charu asks Anu to come with him. Charu says Riddhesh, we know we have no match with your family, but we didn’t know that we will get insulted here, I was silent because of your respect, let us go now, before our patience breaks. Sargam asks Charu to answer them. Goli says yes, I will tackle Maya. Charu stops her. Sargam says sorry, but I can’t keep quiet. She asks everyone to know the other side of the story. Charu says no, its enough of the drama, come. Maya stops them. She says you are talking about telling the truth, give the answer if you have it, I will tell you what’s the truth. She insults them. Akriti shouts enough. Maya says I didn’t wish to say anything but they forced me, they want to prove me a villain, I will show them who is the real villain. She tells about Golu, who was going to jail for theft. Golu says it wasn’t theft. Maya says yes, it was carelessness, Gungun told me everything in detail how you kept the money in the locker and left it open, bank accused you for theft. Anu asks did Gungun say this. Maya asks who else will say. Golu says I m not a thief. Maya says you are a scam artist. Kamini says anyone will think the same seeing them. Maya says the family decided to arrange around 90 lakhs and pay the bank, but they couldn’t arrange it. Gungun comes. Kamini asks what, are you sure, it was rupees, not dollars. Maya says they have no status. Gungun shouts stop it Dr. Maya.

She goes to Riddhesh and says ask this woman to apologize to my family. Maya asks why, did I say anything wrong. Maya says then they couldn’t arrange money, they asked Riddhesh’s help. Anu says we didn’t ask any help, we didn’t tell them about our problems. Golu says we didn’t need his help because real thief got proved. Maya says I know you aren’t a thief, can you say this about your elder brother. Charu asks what. Maya taunts him. Goli shouts Maya. Maya says you can commit theft, let me show you. She asks Charu to show everyone what’s in his pocket. Charu gets shocked seeing a silver spoon in his pocket. Everyone cries. Charu says I don’t know how this came in my pocket, I m not a thief. Maya says I didn’t know your family is a joker and magician also, this came in your pocket by magic. Kamini says disgusting. Riddhesh shouts Maya. Maya says don’t get angry on me, Charu did the theft, not me, I thought they didn’t see such cutlery so they are praising it, I didn’t know they will steal it, I have seen him putting the spoon in the pocket. She recalls going to Charu and putting the spoon in his pocket. She insults the entire family.

Maya scolds Chavi. Gungun says I had gifted the dress to Chavi. Maya says I made the payment for Chavi’s dress and Anu’s suit. Anu looks at Gungun. Charu says its enough, come. Gungun says don’t go, I m sorry on her behalf, I don’t know why she did this. Anu asks you didn’t know, you told my family’s secret to your mom. Gungun says I told her, but I didn’t know she will use this against me. She scolds Maya. Maya says they want to enjoy the luxuries here. Riddhesh asks how dare you. He goes to slap Maya. Maya stops him and asks how dare you raise hand on me. She pushes Riddhesh away. Riddhesh falls over Charu. Gungun rushes and the drinks fall over Charu. Everyone gets shocked. Anu and Yug rush to help Charu.

Riddhesh asks Charu is he fine. Anu shouts enough. He says I have seen many people and animals, but didn’t see worse people than you. He says sorry Bade Papa, I was silent because of you, but I can’t be silent now. He asks are you a doctor or a chameleon, you have changed so many colours in five days, who came to our house to apologize, you had come, you came and pleaded with us to please let me throw a party, who invited us, you, am I saying right, you don’t deserve to lift Charu’s sole dust, we thought you realized your mistake so we accepted to come here, we didn’t know that your pets will start barking on your sign, your guests don’t like Golu’s stories, but you forced him to tell stories, my dad doesn’t sing well, you forced him to sing, you sent the dress for Chavi, how can you accuse us that you got insulted, you have money, we have values, how are we inferior to you. Maya asks what values are you talking about. Anu says Charu gave me values, so I m still respecting you, yes, we are middle-class, we are proud of you. Maya argues. Anu says we share our food, whatever we eat, we aren’t poor, we first make the food for a cow and then a beggar, do you know what’s a beggar, I admit you will be more rich, but we are rich in relations, we don’t take medicines to sleep, we get tired and sleep, we don’t take appointment to meet parents, mothers don’t leave children for their careers in our house. Maya gets angry.

Anu says if you had to break the relation, then you should have told it, you came to us with the alliance. He says I got to see Gungun’s truth, I was never happy with this alliance, but I agreed for the family’s sake, and today I break this alliance for the family’s sake, this marriage is cancelled. Riddhesh and Gungun are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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