Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Maya makes fun of Golu and Chandru

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Charu saying the catered food has run short for all the guests. Maya asks Riddhesh to do something, she has to attend guests. He asks how can this happen. Sargam and Divya say we will go and help him. He says no need. Sargam says its our responsibility also. Divya says guest is like Lord, we can’t let guests leave hungry. Gungun asks how did the food shortage happen. Maya recalls bribing the servant and asking him to keep Riddhesh busy. She asks Golu to tell some story and entertain the guests. Charu says we joke that he is so entertaining that we should put entertainment tax on him. Sunanda jokes on Charu.Goli says Golu is a double pack of entertainment. Maya says please show your talent to our guests. Anu says Golu should refuse. Yug goes to Charu and asks him to stop Golu. Charu says why, we have to entertain the guests. Golu says I have to prepare, it’s a big party with many people. Charu says they are our guests. They all ask Golu to go and make their name shine. Gungun comes. Golu says I will tell a joke to you all. Maya says not a joke, say some story. He says fine.Golu tells a story in an entertaining way. He laughs. The guests don’t find the joke interesting. Maya says it was really funny, but you all didn’t understand so you didn’t laugh, it was a middle class joke, we are upper class, so we couldn’t relate with this, he has nothing to lose. Kamini says you are understanding middle class mentality well, nice. The guy says you should write a book, how to be with a middle class. Maya says you can come here and crack a joke after Golu. She asks Golu to continue. Golu says sure. He tells another story. Sarvar also makes gun of Golu. Anu and everyone look on.Maya asks Sarvar to hear it out first. Golu continues. Kamini and guests make fun again. Anu says your mom was pleading with us to invite us for the party, but she is insulting us. Gungun says I will talk to her. Maya goes away. Akriti says Maya is intentionally doing this to insult Golu. Maya taunts Golu. Chandru says I have to do something to save our respect. Charu asks what do you mean. Goli says you won’t sing. Anu says I thought you and Maya got close, so you came for her. Akriti says no, I have nothing to do with them, I just came for your sake, I regret coming here, no one can insult middle class family, even I m from a middle class family, how are you standing silent here, don’t you feel bad. Anu says I m feeling bad. Gungun asks Maya why is she doing this. Maya asks what did I do. Gungun says they are my would be inlaws. Maya says I know, they are making fun of themselves, I m just trying to control the situation.She calls Riddhesh. He says I m in catering area, food problem will be solved. She says fine, I will keep the guests busy. She asks Chandru to come, the music is meditation for him. Everyone claps. Anu worries. Charu and Sunanda ask Chandru not to sing. Chandru asks why, I will go. He asks them not to worry. He says I won’t sing classical today, I have prepared something new, I have written it. Yug asks why. Chandru says its for my son and bahu, ask Goli what I m going to do. He signs about the rap. Anu goes to Maya and asks why are you doing this. Maya says a father gets happy for his son’s marriage, I m giving Chandru a chance to express his happiness, why don’t you want him to sing a song. Chandru sings a rap song and dances. Everyone shuts their ears when he sings aloud. They laugh hearing the funny lyrics. Gungun, Anu and everyone look on. Kamini shouts stop this nonsense. She asks did you call us here to get tortured, I didn’t hear such disgusting song till now, he is the biggest enemy of music. Chandru gets sad. Everyone looks on. Anu gets angry.Precap:Maya says its my mistake to call these middle class people in this hi fi party. Anu calls it enough. Maya taunts Chandru. Gungun shouts stop it mom.Update Credit to: Amena

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