Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Garima learns about Gungun’s accident

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Gungun. They thank God that Gungun is fine. Yug says she has gone home. Chandru says its good, else Anu and Akriti’s marriage would have got interrupted. Akriti calls Anu. Sunanda says I have to fulfil my mannat for Gungun’s safety. They all leave. Anu answers Akriti’s call. He says Gungun met with an accident. She calls her careless. He asks her to show some sympathy for Gungun. She says I m saying that thinking of Riddhesh, he loves her a lot. He says we all had gone to the hospital to see her. She asks what, you should have not gone there. He asks why. She asks what’s the use to say now, I feel Gungun always makes fun of you, she insults you, what will people say that you are marrying me, but you had gone to see Gungun at night. He says I don’t care what people say. She says but I do care, Gungun will say that you couldn’t stay without her. He says I would have done that for any colleague also. She says I know you are good at heart, so I love you a lot, I m glad to get a true and honest life partner like you. He asks does Garima know it. She says yes, but she didn’t care, she is busy in haldi preparations. He says tell her that Gungun met with an accident. She says I don’t think she will get affected. Garima comes. Akriti ends the call. She says I was talking to Anubhav, he was saying that Gungun met with an accident. Garima asks when, where and how, is my Gungun fine. Akriti says relax, she is fine now. Garima says I will talk to Riddhesh.

He answers the call. She cries and asks for Gungun. He says you don’t need to care for Gungun, I m here for her. She says I was coming back but a mum’s duty stopped me here, tell me that Gungun is fine. He says yes, she is fine, I won’t let Gungun miss you. She says listen to me before punishing me. She cries. Akriti brainwashes her. Garima shouts shut up, which husband and daughter, who lie to me and cheat me, Riddhesh and Gungun are misunderstanding me. Akriti says no, we have shown their truth to you. She goes. Garima cries. Gungun says you have spoken harshly with Garima. Riddhesh says I can’t behave sweetly with her, its our mistake, we trust people soon and link our happiness with them, we forget that they are just guests in our life, like Maya and Garima left, I will never leave you. Gungun says you are the world’s best dad, I don’t need anyone. He says we both are enough for each other.

She says I m feeling bad. He says your heart broke, your heart is the most beautiful heart, it’s the truth, I m lucky and proud to have a daughter like you, those who have a beautiful heart, God tests them a lot by giving sorrows, so a beautiful heart has to be strong, we have to protect it from selfish and fake people, no one should have a power to hurt your heart, no one.

Everyone is busy grinding the haldi. Sargam teases Khushi and asks to make her Nani soon. Khushi says you think Anu is happy with this marriage. Sargam says don’t know, you all don’t look happy. Khushi says Anu isn’t happy. Sargam says he wasn’t happy marrying Gungun, Akriti has all the qualities of a good bahu and good wife, Anu is marrying Akriti, not Gungun. Goli asks where is Anu, we have to apply haldi to him and then send haldi to Akriti. Anu sees Gungun’s contact. Golu, Ankit and Yug come to him. Golu says you were waiting for Gungun’s call. Anu says no, I was waiting for Riddhesh’s call, he insulted me in the hospital, he should apologize to me. Golu says not everyone appreciates fake sympathy, you thought you broke the marriage with Gungun and going to marry her sister, so Gungun got a shock and met with an accident so Anu went to meet her. Anu says I went out of courtesy. Yug says you broke the marriage for her bad behavior, why did you say yes to marry Akriti. Anu says I had refused to her also. Ankit says you said Akriti is the perfect match for you. Anu says yes, she is nice, she understands me, she respects my family, my family also likes her. Anu argues with them. Golu says we all don’t like Akriti, we like Gungun. Ankit says Akriti is fake and opportunist, Gungun is real. Anu says Akriti is sensible, Gungun is a cheat, she insulted us. Golu asks why did you go to see her. Goli comes to call them for haldi.

The girls tease Akriti. Garima asks Akriti to call Anu’s family. The girl asks why so much hurry. Garima says everyone has other work too. Shankar says we have to do marriage preparations also. He asks Garima not to rush. Garima says I want this rasam to end soon, Gungun met with an accident, I have to go to her. He says like they are waiting for you. She says I will go there and clear their misunderstandings, I m sure that Riddhesh will forgive me. He asks why, this is also your house. She says this house can never become mine.

Riddhesh and Gungun come in Anu and Akriti’s wedding. He disappears. Gungun shouts Papa… She wakes up. Maya asks are you okay, did you see a bad dream. Gungun says I m seeing a bad truth now. She calls Riddhesh. She asks where is dad. Maya says he has gone to hospital, are you okay, there is no major issue in your reports, I will give you medicines, have the soup. Gungun refuses. She taunts Maya on her fake love and says you are the root of my life’s every problem, you are responsible for my accident too.

Anu gets married to Akriti. He gets a call. He reaches Gungun. He fills sindoor in her maang. Anu and Akriti see Gungun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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