Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun meets with an accident

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riddhesh calling Golu and asking about Gungun. Golu says we have no idea about her. Anu taunts on Gungun. Riddhesh says if anything happens to her, then I won’t leave Maya. Anu says she would have gone for a breakup after party. Golu asks why do you care, you think about yourself and your junior assistant’s marriage, I m there to think for Gungun, Riddhesh is worried, I m going to find Gungun. Chandru asks will you go there where we got insulted. Golu says I will go. Gungun meets with an accident. The people father. She faints down. Police comes and asks them to get back. Golu comes to Riddhesh’s house and asks about Gungun. Maya asks what are you doing here. Riddhesh says she isn’t answering.

Riddhesh’s friends say she will come soon, there isn’t anything to worry. Maya says I m sure that she went to party to distract herself, her Bua broke her heart. Riddhesh says she isn’t so careless, shut up and go inside. Maya leaves angrily. Golu says don’t worry, we will find her, Yug and Neeti also went to find her. Riddhesh says I hope she is fine. The people comment on Gungun. Inspector scolds them. Golu says Gungun is a nice girl, God will protect her, don’t worry, we should go to police. Riddhesh gets Gungun’s call and asks where are you, I was calling you. Inspector says I m Inspector Khan, your daughter met with an accident. Riddhesh, Golu and Maya get shocked. Riddhesh says I m Dr. Riddhesh Bhatnagar, I m her dad, make me talk to her. Inspector says she isn’t in a state to talk. Riddhesh asks is she alive. Inspector says she is alive, she is unconscious. Riddhesh says tell me her exact condition. He leaves with Golu. Golu says don’t worry, nothing will happen to her, drive slow. Riddhesh says you can get down the car, if you are scared, I have to reach Gungun. Golu says if you don’t reach her, then who will save her. Riddhesh says no one could understand her, her heart broke, she doesn’t know worldly things, she just knows to speak the truth, truth is bitter. They cry.

Riddhesh says Anu is getting married to Akriti so soon, you all called us family, you have cheated us, you broke her heart. Golu says don’t include me with them, I m still with Gungun, I can’t decide anything there. Riddhesh asks for the ambulance. Yug calls Golu and asks did you find about Gungun. Golu says she met with an accident. Everyone gets worried. Golu says I m going there with Riddhesh. Yug says I will also come there. He says Gungun met with an accident, I m going there. Charu says I will also come. Ankit and Anu go with him. Everyone prays for Gungun. Riddhesh and Golu reach Gungun and see her. inspector says ambulance will be coming. Riddhesh says I will take her to my hospital, do formalities there, treatment can’t be delayed. Inspector says such things wont happen if you control things, this guy could have died because of her mistake. Riddhesh says sorry, I will compensate for your loss, let us go now. The people scold him. Golu says we have to take Gungun first. Riddhesh takes Gungun to the ambulance. Anu, Ankit and Yug are on the way. Anu calls Riddhesh and asks is Gungun fine. Riddhesh scolds him and ends the call.

Golu cries and talks to Gungun. He says I know you are angry, vent it out on me. Riddhesh leaves. Ankit and Yug ask Anu why did he call Riddhesh, why is he coming along for Gungun, she is not Akriti. Anu asks Ankit to take them to Riddhesh’s hospital. Riddhesh apologizes to Gungun. He says you are a good daughter, but I m not a good dad, I can lessen your pain, I will take you away from this city and memories, we will start a new life, you can do anything you want, I couldn’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong for you.

Anu and Akriti are getting married. He gets a call. He goes to see Gungun. He marries Gungun too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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