Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun misunderstands Garima

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riddhesh saying I have some work at the hospital, I will go. Garima asks Gungun to go home and have food. Gungun asks her to worry for her daughter. Akriti says yes, she will worry for me. Shankar says Garima and I want to make a new start, you have always stood by her, we forgot that our fight will affect Akriti, I want Akriti to get her mum’s love. Akriti says I want my mum to stay with my dad after I leave, they can take care of each other. Riddhesh says I didn’t stop her, she came by her wish, she can go back, I will be happy for her. Garima says I told you, I promised Gungun that I will come back. He says no need, stay with your family, I m with Gungun. She cries.

Riddhesh says have a happy married life. Gungun says congrats, bye. Anu says goodbye. Gungun cries and leaves. Akriti stops Garima. Garima says I want to go to my brother’s house. Shankar asks which brother, who stopped you from coming home. Garima says he just saw my happiness, not your planning to separate me from Gungun, you have snatched Anu from Gungun. Akriti says you promised me that you will stay with me. Garima says I don’t think its imp to keep promise to you. Akriti says what lie, we wanted to surprise you. Garima says you aren’t so smart to fool your mum. She cries and says I had come here for Akriti’s marriage, but she proved that she is your daughter. She taunts Shankar for his bad upbringing. Akriti says you had left me, you should be ashamed, you are blaming dad.

Garima says I didn’t go away from you, I was made away from you. Akriti says you have sorrow for Gungun’s marriage breaking, but get happy for me. Garima says you should have earned it, but you have snatched and stolen Gungun’s happiness. Akriti says Gungun’s marriage broke because of her, Gungun and Anu were not happy with the alliance. Shankar says I think Garima regards Gungun her daughter. Garima says Gungun is my daughter, I have raised her, if not birth, I m proud of Gungun, Gungun and Anu are different, but they have truth in their hearts, truth should be with truth, not with a lie, don’t come between them, they can fight each other, but they have a connection, you can’t break it.

Akriti says Anu loves me. Garima says I know why he broke the marriage with Gungun, I don’t know why he agreed to marry you. Akriti says he loves me. She shows the video. She scolds Garima. Shankar says don’t forget, you are talking to your mum. He asks Garima to have water, focus on her daughter’s marriage. Garima says its your daughter’s marriage, I m not interested in this marriage or the rituals.

Riddhesh and Gungun come home. Maya asks how was the sangeet ceremony. He says good. She asks how did you like Akriti’s would be husband. He says good, but jodi wasn’t so good. Maya shows the sangeet video on tv. She says I got to know who is the guy, I liked the jodi, I did media stalking and got this footage. She argues. Riddhesh asks Gungun to go to her room. Maya says truth is that your sister is clever and opportunist, she has backstabbed you. He asks what problem do you have, you should be happy. She says I m happy that Gungun got to see Garima’s truth, she thinks her Bua is the truest person, she is selfish, she got Akriti’s alliance fixed there, Anu moved on so easily, can love happen in two days, they were already dating, Akriti had told me, he was marrying under family pressure, so I broke this marriage, I didn’t want anyone to cheat Gungun. He asks her to shut up. Gungun cries. Maya blames Riddhesh for Gungun’s tears.

He asks her to stay away from Gungun. They argue. Gungun cries. She takes the car keys and leaves. She drives crying and recalls everything. She says no one thinks of me, I fell alone, Anu is marrying his junior, why am I feeling bad. She breaks the signal. Riddhesh asks where did Gungun go. Maya says I don’t know. He calls her. He scolds Maya. Everyone talks to Anu. They praise Akriti. Golu says very soon, she will make everyone dance on her fingers.

Riddhesh calls Golu and asks about Gungun. Anu says maybe she went to have a breakup after party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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