Kaamna 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: The judge decides to give Manav a chance at the court

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Akanksha informs Yatho that it has been enough and he must agree to living here peacefully otherwise she will lock him in chains, Vibhav also turns him pulling his hairs when he questions what was he saying that he is a devil uncle but he must be comfortable since he is going to be his new Dada.

Some time earlier, the judge takes his position, Vibhav thanks him for accepting his request to this special hearing, the judge replies he works on the orders of the court so he must thank the court, he is only allowed because he has very close acquaintance with this case but lastly that he is justice Bhargav for him. He then questions Meera why did she call this special hearing, Meera requests that he rule out this case here and now because no one has objected to the custody case which Akanksha has filed, Manav replies he has an objections because he will not want to give the custody of his son, the judge questions then why did he not file any complaint, Manav informs because he was not able to find a lawyer, Meera explains that he can witness how irresponsible father Manav is so he must rule out this case in favor of Akanksha, the judge replies that irresponsibility cannot be the case for ruling out this case but the court will give Manav chance to find a suitable lawyer. Meera explains she would like to bring into notice some injuries that Akanksha has suffered because Manav is an abusive husband.

A lawyer starts entering the court with a stick when some people working there exclaim, they are glad he came to the office as now their day would be nice, he replies it has been ten years since he retired but now needed to file some important documents however, they should allow him to walk since this is his second home.

Meera advises Akanksha to show her injuries to the judge, she starts revealing them when Meera questions how did she get them, Akanksha explains that she for quite some time tried to raise her voice since he cheated on her, but she forgave him and whenever she tried to raise the voice, he would start beating her, and even abused her. Yesterday when she filed the case he came to her house demanding ten crore rupees but when she refused he started beating her, Meera shows the medical report, Manav looks to her in shock but she is delighted as her plan would succeed, Meera in forms it is clearly written in the report that the injuries are because of a man, Manav mentions they are lying because how can it prove that he is the one who hit her, Meera reveals she ahs a pen drive which would prove everything, Manav is shocked to see the footage when Akanksha called him to her house, the judge is shocked to see it, when Manav tries to plead his innocence explaining this is all manipulated because he went to her house to take the signatures on the inquiry papers, Manav questions how can she look herself in the mirror which angers the judge who questions why is he misbehaving since this is a court and he would send Manav to jail for contempt of court.

Manav in anger starts blaming the entire justice system saying that they all have been sold out to people like Vibhav while the poor are only able to see the price tag that is placed in the court however a lawyer orders him to shut up because he is standing in the temple of justice even then is blaming them all, Shenoy sir asks the judge to be seated but Meera explains that she has heard a lot about him, Shenoy sir explains that the plead to truth can be heard from the heart so it must be taken into consideration, he apologizes for disrupting the hearing but the judge explains he is in himself an institution. Meera once again pleads that he after witnessing the attitude of Manav dismiss the case, however the judge hearing about what Shenoy sir said mentions this case cannot be dismissed and must be fought in the court hearing which Meera is really angered.

Yatharth is not able to sleep properly and is having nightmares, Sakshi mam comes to his bed side, he immediately hugs her asking if he is still in his bed when she assures that nothing would happen to him, Malti aunti starts weeping standing beside the door.

The judge asks Manav to file an objection as soon as possible, he must rest assured since the court never takes sides in the course of justice, he leaves while Meera is worried wondering what happened to the judge as he was just about to give Akanksha the custody but changed his mind at the last moment, Vibhav advises her to relax as even now Akanksha would get the custody, they must look at the face of Manav Bajpayee as this is the face of a loser. Who was just born to lose, Vibhav mentions he is glad that no judgement was passed today because then he would have been embarrassed in front of only few people but when the custody would be handed to Akanksha in front of a large crowed at the court, then the revenge of the slap will be completed, Akanksha stands in front of Manav looking at him with immense anger before leaving.

Manav walks out of the court when Sakshi asks him what happened, he replies they have proved that when such heinous people come together then there is no limit, Sakshi getting worried questions if the judge passed his verdict but Manav mentions he is really scared wondering if the custody would be taken from him, Sakshi explains he is not the one to lose before fighting, Manav replies he doesnot know if this is his destiny, Sakshi explains that if one writes his own destiny then they would surely win, she informs Manav why is he getting so tensed even before not fighting the case, yatho hearing this thinks he is getting worried because of him so he is a really bad son.

Manav wipes off his tears seeing Khushal jee coming so informs he will come back and talk with her.

Sakshi explains she has made his favorite breakfast today, Aloo Paratha and even asks her mother-in-law to not keep any fast today as even Mata Rani would not be happy to see her Bhagt in problem, Malti aunti asks her to not be worried as Mata Rani would look after her sugar problem, Sakshi explains that Mata Rani has a lot of other important things to do, Yatho questions how can Navratri come before the summer holidays when Sakshi explains this is Cherter Navratri in which Bhagt pray that MataRani always showers her blessings over them and even give the power to fight the wrong people, he asks if they fast then does MataRani hears all their prayers, Sakshi explains that even if they do not fast but pray with their heart then she can listen, Sakshi replies this will anger MataRani because children do not keep fast and if the children’s fast then their battery dies down and so this hurts the MataRani but Malti aunti replies she has been fasting since her childhood, hearing this yatho insists on also fasting, Sakshi requests him to finish the breakfast but he leaves asking if he can make a single phone call.

Manav is in the car with Khushal jee, his eyes are filled with tears and he is constantly thinking about the blames that Akanksha put on him for cheating and misbehaving with her. He even thinks how Vibhav explained that when the court will give the custody to Akanksha then his revenge would be fulfilled.

Precap: Yatharth is performing with both Sakshi mam and Malti aunti, Manav suddenly gets the courage so requests Khushal jee to take a u turn. Manav walks into the office while Vibhav is in a meeting, he questions what is he doing here but Manav replies he should have asked what Manav would do now, Manav slaps Vibhav that he falls on the table, Khushal jee even makes a video of them both.

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