Kaamna 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Yatharth consoles Manav when he feels as if he will loose the battle

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The lawyer explains he will create such a scene in the first meeting that the case will end, he will tell that in the Indore beauty pegant she compromised with the court judges, Manav slaps him when the asks them to explain that he should be careful as matters relating to the court cannot be solved like this, he might lose his son.

Sometime earlier the official explains they must make sure these people are not able to find out that they have been sent by Meera and not the court, as his statement would be used in the court, they assure that nothing wrong can happen as he doesnot know much about the official methods. Sakshi and Manav bring out Yatharth but he is really scared, they both assure him that nothing wrong will happen, Sakshi helping him sit down on the sofa assures all these people are the friend of his father so he must reply to all their questions, they get worried thinking their plan might be ruined so question what relation does she have with him, she reveals she is his teacher so they question with what right is she living here, Manav interrupts questioning why are they constantly asking Sakshi mam questions as they should take the statement of yatho, they explain the statement would be taken alone, Manav tries to insist they take it here but they refuse, he allows them to use the room of Yatharth.

Yatharth is sitting when they question if he present the last time when his parents fought, and the behavior of Manav, he replies that his father was really tensed and threatened to not leave him, they question if he was blaming Akanksha but Yatho replies he was talking of someone else, they then question if his father is a drinker, Yatho replies he never drinks when they counter question him saying how they heard he fought with his neighbor after drinking when Yatharth reveals the entire situation explaining he got really scared but his father promised he would never drink and his father never breaks his promise, they question who would cook when Yatharth reveals that his mother would cook but then when she left who would cook, Yatho explains they would order the food from outside but becuase of that they went to the doctor who said that he got the problem because of eating junk food. They think now their plan would be finished meanwhile Manav is constantly walking out of the room, Sakshi questions if he thinks that his problems would be ended because of him walking like this but Manav replies that he is worried because the stammering problem of his child might arise once again.

Vibhav and Akanksha are standing against the room of Yatharth exclaiming how it is really beautiful, he asks her to come since he needs to show her something, he taking her to the loundge asks for her hand, she gives it to him thinking of a surprise but he instead starts pressing on her hand causing the pain, she tries to resist but he throws her on the sofa.
Khushal jee is sitting with the lawyer explaining Manav asked him to wait as he is just coming, Manav immediately apologizes saying that his son gets scared seeing the lawyer and even the other lawyers came to take his statement, Badhoria explains that now politics has also been involved in this case saying that Manav should have to the other lawyers that his son would only give the statement when his lawyer would be with them., Manav explains he was busy in taking care of his son so forgot it, Badhoria explains that normally the first hearing takes time but it is not in this case as everything is working really fast, so this only happens when someone injects the fuel of money in the system, he explains that this seems to be a plan of Vibhav and assures Manav that he is going do such a character attack on Akanksha that she will not be able to answer anything and even she would not be able to do anything because he will blame that she not only slept with Vibhav but a lot of other men including the beauty pageant judges, hearing this Manav slaps him, Khushal jee asks him to calm down as he is the lawyer but Badhoria explains that he has a lot of power in the union and now would see who fights his case, Sakshi also asks him to think before speaking as the person he was talking about is the mother of his son but Badhoria explains that matters of court are not fought with anger, he leaves when Khushal jee also asks Manav to control his anger, they all turn to see Yatho standing in the balcony, he is really tensed so rushes inside.

Akanksha questions Vibhav what is this behavior, he replies that Manav is the one who gave her these marks because if had told her then it would not have been truth, she needs to be ready for the court hearing, he asks if she doesnot want yatho to be with them, Akanksha replies she wants her child to be with them under any circumstance and will not care for anything else. He assures Yatho will be with him.

Yatharth while talking with Ayesha explains he doesnot know if he would be able to live without his father, Ayesha assures no one can separate them both but Yatho replies he is not so sure about it, he ends the call when Sakshi mam is standing behind him, she also tries to calm him down mentioning no one would be able to separate them but Yatho explains even she is going to leave in a few days but who will take care of his father as he will be left alone, Sakshi hugging him assures there is no need to think so negatively, Manav sees them both from the corner of the room, he turns back.
Manav thinks how Vibhav said that Meera is a good lawyer and any lawyer facing her tends to take back the case, he is thinking how he is an irresponsible father. Manav in the room wonder how long would he have to bear and explain that he is a good father, he knows he should not question himself father but every time he hears these questions then has to think if he is actually a good father, he starts crying so sits down on the bed, Malti aunti immediately rushes to Sakshi explaining Manav is not well and has completely broken down. Sakshi asks Manav to come as she has to show him something, they all go to Manav’s room while he is crying, he asks Sakshi why is his father crying when she reveals that he wants that no problem comes to his son he is fighting with everyone but now is feeling as if he is alone and they need to in form him that he is not alone, Yatho questions how would they be able to tell Manav, Sakshi question if he has a way when Yatho replies that they need to make him believe he can fight anything.

Mr Kholkar comes to see that Ayesha is really worried, he asks her what is wrong when she explains today, she felt Yatho was really hopeless and she questions if he cannot help them, Mr Kholkar starts thinking of something.

Manav is sitting when Yatho comes explaining he needs his help, he gives Manav the shirt explaining that when the superhero needs a costume, to make him understand that he is not alone and they all are always going to be with him, he explains that the shirt got dirty so the people might laugh at him however Manav still wears it, then hugs Yatho with all his might.

Precap: Meera asks if she is going to show her injuries in the court when Akanksha explains that whenever she tried to raise her voice against Manav he would get angry and even started to disrespect her, hearing this Manav is really shocked.

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