Kaamna 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav vows to fight for the custody of Yatharth

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Akanksha is sitting while the worker is massaging her feet, she receives a video call from Ayesha saying she is not in a mood to talk but Ayesha threatens to up load the vlog If she doesnot listen to her, Akanksha questions why does she keep threatening her because of the vlog, when Ayesha mentions she is trying to threaten her, Akanksha asks the worker to make something for her.

Akanksha asks Ayesha to say whatever she needs, Ayesha explains she has called to warn her because she cares for her friend, Ayesha reveals that Vibhav never took care of her even when her mother said that he is like her father but he just pretended in front of her mother, Akanksha questions why is she telling her all this, Ayesha replies because the only reason she hates Vibhav is because he felt irritated with the presence of a six year old child, and if she brings Yatharth to this house then history would only repeat itself, when Ayesha questions if she has ever seen him talking to a child, he is just an evil person who would never give Yatharth the love that he deserves, she ends the call leaving Akanksha angry.

Manav in the house is trying to find everything he can on the divorce case, Sakshi mam comes asking if he is still alive when Manav explains he cannot understand if he is doing the right thing by filing for this divorce, Sakshi replies she doesnot know anything about what is right or wrong but that this discussion had to come out as he was to get the divorce and the custody battle also had to arrive but she just desired that Yatharth face this when he is mentally capable, Manav exclaims she is right but they do not have the time because the lawyer warned if Akanksha files the case before them then it will ruin everything, he cannot understand if she is not worried about the humiliation that will be caused, Sakshi replies such people never care about anything. Manav thinks that the reputation of Kapoor builders got damaged because of his inquiry and then Vibhav removed her as the CEO, but after a while he announced his marriage with her so she came with the drafted documents. Manav exclaims Akanksha is not capable of such a plan but Vibhav is the one behind it, Sakshi exclaims this means that his divorce with Akanksha is not their mutual decision but the plan of Vibhav.

Akanksha walking in the hall is really tensed because of what Ayesha, she thinks that she would have to talk with Vibhav about it, she starts calling him when is shocked to see Vibhav in the room trying to set the picture of Yatho, she in shock asks how did he get so many pictures when Vibhav explains he had kept them a secret, he had a hope that Manav would sign the papers after which they will get their Yatho who will live in this house, he acts as if he is weeping explaining that he feels bhagwan doesnot want to see them happy, he sits down explaining even he is a man and wants to remain happy, he has a dream to start a family in which they would live with Yatho and even his younger sister in the future, vibvhav shows her the details of the school explaining he has talked with the principal of the school, he is sure that Yatho would study in that school while they wil take him to tour Europe in the summer, he reveals he also planned the same for Ayesha but doesnot know why she hates him so much, it might be because of Niharika, he acts as if he is crying when she assures his every dream will be fulfilled. Vibhav informs that he is going to go and plead in front of Manav to let Yatho come to his mother, he acts as if he is going to go now when she stops hi saying he doesnot want to beg but now he must see that they are going to bring yatho here because of his every right, Vibhav hugging her thinks that he heard her talking with Ayesha, and vows to snatch yatho from him even if he leaves him in hell after that.

In the morning Manav asks Sakshi if Yatho woke up, she in forms that he is still sleeping when Manav explains that they even went to search for her in the night hearing which she gets worried wondering what would he have to bear in such a young age, she is worried that he is missing his school when Manav replies that the metal health is more important for him, he has vowed to file the case before Akanksha.

Manav rushes into the court but Akanksha stops him in the path showing the papers, the auto driver comes asking for his money so he apologizes, Akanksha offers to give the money on his behalf if he doesnot have it, she hands him the papers explaining that this is for him.

Yatharth suddenly wakes up when Sakshi enters the room, she is shocked to see him but then apologizes to him for coming late last night because she missed the birthday party that he organized, she explains they will watch an animated movie however Yatho questions if after the divorce he is still going to live with his father as he doesnot want to go with his mother. Sakshi assures his father is working a lot just for him.

Vibhav asks Manav who is his lawyer, he asks Manav to tell him that he is going to face Meera Singhania after that his helplessness is going to reveal the identity of Meera, she requests Vibhav to not scare someone so that he refuses to come inside the court as when the opponent enters the court she finds it amusing to face them there, Manav exclaims now they are going to meet in court, Vibhav laughing exclaims the attitude should be like this because he doesnot have the money to pay the auto driver but is still talking about facing the court, Vibhav explains he knows how he felt when he was trying to buy the bungalow so must ask his lawyer if he can face Meera.

Sakshi asks Yatharth if he knows what is a divorce, Yatho explains that his friend’s parents were also about to get a divorce, he was taken away from his father but Sakshi questions if they got the divorce however Yatho mentions now they are back together and he is really happy, Sakshi replies that he must not be worried as his father will fight all these demons but he must cheer him up, yatho doesnot know how he would do it when Sakshi mentions she has a plan.

Manav explains the effort which Vibhav is putting to make him feel scared, he feels as if Vibhav is also really scared. Akanksha advises Manav to not go ahead as he would suffer a lot of losses, Manav replies that if it comes to his son then he is not scared of inflicting any loss or suffer anything, Vibhav asks Akanksha to stop because if someone has agreed to lose everything that he has so they cannot do anything, he leaves while Akanksha stares at Manav.

Yatharth while painting asks if he would still live with his father in the real life, Sakshi asks him to pray that his father win every fight and also, she will pray to MataRani when Yatho requests if he can also pray with her when Sakshi assures that nothing wrong will happen.

Manav is in the office when Khushal jee comes revealing he has bad news because the lawyer has decided to increase his fees after hearing the name of Meera, he receives a call from Sakshi mam revealing that the officals from the court have come to take the statement of yatho, Manav asks where is Yatho so she informs that he locked himself mentioning how he saw such demons in his dreams. Manav asks her to be with him assuring that his father is coming, he apologizes to Khushal jee who assures he can handle everything.

Manav rushes to the house asking about Yatho, the officials informs this is normal procedure as they usually take the statements after going to the house, he asks for the document then agrees to bring Yatho, Malti aunti also asks Sakshi to be with Manav, they both bring yatho out of the room, he is really scared.

Precap: Manav’s lawyer explains he is going to blame that Akanksha slept with the judges of the Indore pageant, he getting angry slaps the lawyer. Vibhav advises Akanksha to act in the court so she gets an Oscar while that Bajpayee receives a slap.

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