Kaamna 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav decides to file the divorce case against Akanksha

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Akanksha exclaims that she has made the papers, he asks her to first sign them when she reveals she has already signed them but he takes out the other set of papers, she questions what is in these papers when he reveals they are the divorce papers but it explains that she will not have any right over Yatharth hearing this she is shocked.

Some time earlier, Yatharth is really sad when he tries to play the violin when Manav asks what has happened however he thinks that Sakshi must come back early as he is feeling something is missing, he rushes with excitement after hearing the door bell ringing, he however slams the door leaving with Ayuesha to his room.

Manav opens the door where Akanksha is standing, he says she should not have come here and must meet him in the office, but Akanksha explains this might be her last visit to this house so he must make it memorable, Manav explains that they say if someone leaves the house then must not even dare to come back and check what is left of that family, he says if she has come then should come inside.

Akanksha after seeing the preparation realizes that today is the birthday celebration of Sakshi mam, she seeks the blessings of Malti aunti mentioning she would have brought the gift for her, Akanksha mentions he must sign the papers and she will leave but Manav explains that he will sign if she first signs the papers but Akanksha replies she ahs already signed them however he shows the papers saying that she must sign the papers that will end all the rights that she has over Yatharth. Akanksha gets really mad hearing this questioning what is the hell, Manav gets mad saying that she must talk in a low voice as yatho is inside, he requests Malti aunti to go inside. Manav mentions she wants him to sign the divorce papers so must first sign the custody documents, she tears the papers mentioning she signed them when Manav exclaims if this is how they do signatures then he will also use the same method, Akanksha gets angry when he asks why does she not understand, he tries to throw her out of the house but she gets mad. Manav reveals he doesnot want this drama in front of his son since his injuries have not healed, Akanksha exclaims he is talking as if she is not the mother of Yatharth, Malti aunti is trying to calm yatho is getting restless.

Manav requests Akanksha exclaiming he really wants her to go away from them when Akanksha replies he would not have thrown water over the papers, he replies he just ruined her plans because if the same person fools them twice then something is wrong, he cannot be irresponsible when it comes to his son, Akanksha replies that she is not that weak house wife but a powerful woman.

Yatho has hugged Malti aunti tightly, she asks Ayesha to take care of him while she will check what is going on outside, Malti aunti requests her to talk slowly as Yatho is really tensed and did she think what would happen if the neighbors hear their words, Ayesha asks what is the reason for his worries because Manav uncle is outside, Akanksha says why have they both become so shameless, Manav going to Malti aunti explains that some people have worn the glasses which had made her talk such shame less things. Akanksha threatens they should not fight with such people, he signals her to go outside when everyone is waiting, she scolds them however Khushal jee does not leave. He informs Manav that she spoke the truth and he will talk with his friend who is the lawyer, Manav in forms he will call him later.

Manav rushes into the room when Ayesha asks him to not talk since, he fell asleep, Manav is shocked however Ayesha explains that she wishes they should put a mute button on Akanksha face, Manav apologizes to Ayesha saying that he did not wish she should have to bear such hideous arguments when Ayesha replies that it is nothing to be worried about as he did not do anything wrong, Manav advises her to go back since she has the driver.

Manav goes to Malti aunti apologizing for what happened however some people have the ability to see dirt in each and every thing, she replies she can understand but is feeling scared when manav replies she must not be worried as he would not let any harm come to them so this time they should try to fight with the fear, he will take yatho outside to cheer him up.

Manav brings the Momo for Yatho but he questions why is he refusing so there is no need to be tension, Yatho once again while murmuring explains he is really strong but Manav assures he will handle everything but for now he must take a deep breath, Yatho questions why did Sakshi mam not reach back home, he reveals that she doesnot like to celebrate birthday hearing which Yatho is shocked, Manav informs ManChanda jee did not like Diwali because of the fire crackers while his wife did not like Holi as someone put such strong colors that it took five days to remove them, just like that Sakshi mam will have her reasons. Manav asks him to eat it, but plans to have them together however Yatho insists on searching Sakshi mam, Manav agrees they will leave after he finishes the momos.

Vibhav is working when Akanksha comes in anger, he questions if Manav signed but she is disturbed hearing the sound of televisions so questions who is the idiot, he revels Bubblie is waiting for her, Akanksha entering the room turns off the television, Bubblie asks if she came back, Akanksha replies it is her ghost who came back, she questions if no one taught her how to behave in someone else’s house and she must get out from the room of yatho, Bubblie replies she wants to talk with her but Akanksha leaves replying she will talk when she feels like.

Akanksha sits down in anger when Vibhav mentions Manav did not sign the papers, she explains that he has placed a condition that she first give the custodial rights to him, Vibhav exclaims that now this matter is going to prolong while Manav will have to pay.
The lawyer explains that Khushal jee told him everything and the side who files the case is the one who has the chances of wining, and he even heard that she left them without proper notice. Manav mentions how early can they file the case, he explains that he can do it tomorrow morning but will take the fee in advance, Manav is shocked to hear the amount so explains he can give fifteen thousand while would transfer the rest of the amount after a few days. The lawyer agrees.

Manav is riding the auto wondering what will he do to arrange the money when he sees Sakshi mam sitting so goes to her explaining this was the interview when she replies she didn’t know how to avoid the party, he assures that yatho has gone to sleep, they both sit in the auto when she asks what was he doing so late, he informs that he went to file the divorce since Akanksha came to the house and she caused a scene, whenever his son tries to move ahead in the life that women ruins his life.

Manav and Sakshi enter the house when she is shocked to see the extent of preparation and starts weeping, Manav mentions he would want to know the reason she doesnot celebrate her birthday but only when she is ready, she walks into the room thanking Yatharth when he exclaims that she should call him parth, he rests his head on her lap so she starts weeping.

Precap: Akanksha asks Manav to see that she has already filed the case. Yatharth asks Sakshi if he would not be taken away from his father after this case. Vibhav explains their lawyer Meera has never lost a divorce case, she is confident mentioning that she will fight this case when they come face to face with her.

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