Kaamna 30th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan is arrested for providing poor quality material to Kapoor constructions

Kaamna 30th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comManav places the bag after reaching his house, he sits on the sofa thinking how Akanksha said that he was never her choice, he was nothing more then just a necessity which she had to and whenever she gets a chance then she will go away from him.Manav hears Yatharth laughing with Sakshi, she is trying to teach him how to pronounce the word Minneapolis, using a different technique seeing which Manav is really delighted, he recalls how Akanksha would start scolding Yatharth when he was not able to remember the words, Manav questions what is she doing when he advised her to not interfere in his life so much because his son would not be able to bear the pain of leaving her, he enters the room questioning what is she doing because he advised her to not interfere in their lives, Sakshi replies she is still going to live with them for thirteen and until she leaves, she is going to do things in the right way, Manav gets angry asking if she is saying he doesnot know how to do anything, he exclaims he know how to teach his son and can do everything on his own, yatho mentions he asked Sakshi mam to teach him the spellings since he was not able to remember. Sakshi replies that his father will teach him since he can do everything, Manav replies he can really do it all, Sakshi advises him that he can also grow his own grains and even take out the milk, Yatharth questions how will his father able to do it all by himself, Sakshi mentions because he is superman to which yatho agrees but Sakshi explains that they all are just humans and need the help of each other, Manav explains that he just wants her to not interfere so much but she requests him to chill, Manav mentions he can help her find a job and she must not chill so much, Manav turns to leave but Sakshi explains that he should not go since it is late however Manav replies that he is going to attend the bathroom, she agrees when Yatharth questions what happened to Dada, she mentions he has suffered a lot in the past few months so it is normal for him but Yatharth should focus on the spellings.Vibhav exclaims he cannot bear it anymore since the person is chasing to ruin the reputation of his company, Meera replies nothing can be achieved from being frustrated, she requests him to not create any other scene as his company has already suffered, two big stars have backed out from the ad campaign while even the politicians are not ready to help him, they will discuss what can be done tonight at dinner.Vibhav hears the steps coming towards him, he is shocked to see Akanksha dressed when he asks what happened, she says he was talking to the lawyer so he must give her the number since she needs to make the official papers to be a fifty percent partner of Kapoor construction, Vibhav starts reading the number saying Go to Hell, Akanksha is shocked. Vibhav smiles revealing it was joke, revealing she doesnot have the capability to be the peon in his company and yet she wants to be the partner, he turns to walk away when Akanksha stopping him questions he would not treat her like this, Vibhav says she will not talk like Niharika, he asks her to take off the clothes when Akanksha question what is the reason as till now he desired that she be like her so what has happened, Vibhav replied he forgot that she is just a normal housewife, he goes to sit on the bed when Akanksha standing in front of him accepts she doesnot have the mind, she stood beside him and even signed the papers against her brother but now she is disgusted by herself, Vibhav stands to console her saying that she must get up, he asks why does she not do one thing, and go away he throws her on the sofa before leaving. Akanksha sits there crying.Manav turns on the tap in the bathroom when he recalls what Sakshi advised him to not worry about the conditions and situations, he just needs to chill. Manav starts recalling all the moments spent with Akanksha and how he did his best to fulfill all the desires of Akanksha, even then she blamed him for not doing enough because of which she killed her own dreams. Manav is standing says he always worked to fulfill her desires but she never said that he should also live for himself, he might have forgotten to live for himself Manav starts weeping so he starts splashing his face with water.Sakshi is wiping off the glasses when Manav comes so he asks if he did not flush but Manav replies that he went to wash his face, he says that the time in which he just washed his face they all can wash their entire body, she explains that he doesnot have to cover the crimes and needs to remain strong because she just desires that when she leaves both Manav and Yatharth should be smiling, Manav think even if her way is different she still has shown respect for him, which he forgot while living with Akanksha.Akanksha’s mother asks Bublie to at least open the door when the bell rings, she is shocked to see the police standing and asks what happened, they inform her about the arrest warrants against Karan so asks them to call him, Bublie seeing the opportunity rushes into the room, she helps Karan run away from the window before the police can enter the room, she doesnot reveal the truth after which they start searching the room. Bublie rushes to her mother-in-law explaining that Karan is innocent but she replies that he is paying for his crimes in the past, Bublie explains even Akanksha didi is not answering the calls, so her mother-in-law mentions that even she will have the pay the price for her crimes. Bublie mentions that her son is suffering but she is just giving them a lecture. Bubbly calls Vibhav however he ends the call, she thinks no one is ready to help in the time of need.Akanksha starts throwing away the jewelry in anger, she is crying restlessly when her phone rings, she sees the name of Karan but ends the call, he wonders why is she not answering.Vibhav is sitting in the lounge, Akanksha goes to him but he doesnot even reply, she demands the answers of two questions, he says he is not in a mood to talk when Akanksha exclaims she just wants the answers of her questions because she knows he will not make her his life partner but when are they going to marry, Vibhav exclaims he cannot understand that she is asking this question because everything that is happening is because of her selfish desires and even when their company is in this position because of her wrong decision, Vibhav exclaims that Ranay warned her about what might happen yet she did not listen and now the shares of their company are losing their value with each passing day, but she just cares for her own desires, Karan rushes into the house, he hears them arguing so asks Akanksha why is the police trying to arrest him, he reveals they both know he is innocent. Vibhav seeing the opportunity dials the contact from Akanksha’s phone and puts it upside down, Vibhav mentions he has declared himself to be a criminal by running from the police but they are going to help him, he asks the worker to show Karan the guest room.Karan is having the food when he hears the sirens of police vans, karan questions what is the police doing here before running away, ACP enters the house and Vibhav signals her towards the guest room, they manage to arrest karan, he keeps questioning Akanksha why did she do it to her own brother, Vibhav reveals that it is better for her image as this will prove she has helped the police arrest a criminal even when he is her brother.Precap: Manav is wiping the plates when Sakshi takes the cloth from him questioning why does he have to everything by himself, Manav replies he requested the guard since he has understood he is not a superman, Sakshi praises herself. Vibhav and Meera reach the bathroom to see Akanksha lying in the water filled with blood, Meera exclaims Akanksha has performed suicide.Update Credit to: Sona

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