Kaamna 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhav vows to destroy Manav

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Akanksha questions what are these papers, Vibhav reveals that they are the divorce papers and she should get them signed from Manav after which she will get the custody of Yatharth, Sakshi gets worried asking how can Manav sign the mutual divorce papers without showing them to the lawyer, it might be a trap to snatch the custody of Yatharth, Manav gets shocked.

Some time earlier, Manav beats the spoon against the plate asking them all to come since the breakfast is ready, Yatharth running towards him asking the reason he is so happy, Manav replies today his toothpaste had a lot of positivity which spread everywhere, he requests Sakshi mam to sit down, Manav mentions they should have DaalBhati hearing this Yatharth gets tensed questioning why did he make it knowing he doesnot like it at all, Manav mentions he felt really nice so thought of living for himself which is why he ordered it from the restaurant, but why is Yatharth worried since he also ordered his favorite PaneerBhurji, Yatharth gets excited thanking Manav who serves him, Sakshi mam and her mother in law also smile, they all have the breakfast together.

Akanksha is sleeping when she wakes up, however she quickly acts as if she is still asleep seeing Vibhav sleeping on the couch, he however is in a very deep sleep, she therefor pushes the glass which breaks, Akanksha is murmuring how she is a really bad mother and even made a mistake by leaving Manav, Vibhav thinks she has started talking nonsense. He quickly goes to the wardrobe to apply some eye drops, so it seems as if he is crying, he sits beside Akanksha on the bed acting as if he is really worried, he helps her sit straight when she questions why did he save her because he should have left her die, she cannot live with him. She once again tries to cut her nerves but Vibhav questions what is she doing since he realized that he cannot live without her after what happened yesterday, Akanksha still replies he is lying and even then, Vibhav turns on the video on the mobile, in which the reporters are saying that he is going to marry Akanksha but she replies she is going to tell them that there will not be any marriage. Vibhav asks what is she saying since nothing has been ruined, she replies that the heart of that person never breaks who is responsible for everything but the one who suffers the heart break loses everything, she leaves the room which worries Vibhav and he even steps on the glass.

Manav while eating explains that after coming back from the office, they will play cricket but this time he will be the one to bat, Yatharth questions why the change as they always play but he never bats. Manav replies he has spent his entire life working for the happiness of other and now it is time to chill, he must not worry since he will also get the chance to bat, Yatharth replies that he now understands since Manav is doing this because Sakshi mam taught him when Manav replies that if someone keeps on telling them one thing all the time, they tend to understand it, Sakshi mam gets tensed but they all burst into laughter.
Vibhav is eagerly waiting for Akanksha, just as she comes out he asks her to never say what she said before because he really loves her and wants to marry her, Akanksha however leaves saying it is a lie, she acts as if she is about to get unconscious, Vibhav immediately tries to console her, she pushing him away questions if he would be able to give her the respect as Niharika, he asks if she will get the same social status but he should first in form the news channels that he is going to make her the fifty percent partner in his business, Vibhav stands in anger questioning what does she think of herself as she must firs learn to live in her limits, he can never do it, she questions what happened when Vibhav thinks it is not right to mess with someone who is ready to risk her life for his property, he thinks of convincing her right now after which they will see what happens in the future, he informs that he will surely transfer the amount but needs three months, she replies so he can make another story but Vibhav replies he needs the time because after three months, Niharika would be missing for seven years, she will be finally declared dead but in the meantime they are going to start working on the papers, Vibhav reveals he is going to give her the biggest gift on their wedding, he will bring Yatharth into her life, but for that she will have to get Manav to sign the papers after which Yatharth would become their son, she hugs him so he exclaims that she is thinking she is using him but in reality he is going to use her so he can destroy Manav because he tried to snatch his reputation, now he is going to snatch Yatharth from him.

Yatharth in his room is organizing all of his belongings hoping that Sakshi mam will like his changed attitude, Malti aunti comes questioning what is he doing, he informs that Sakshi mam promised to read him a story if he finishes his work, she says he can take a small break and eat the pudding, Yatharth after tasting it exclaims that it is really delicious, he asks if today is a special day when Malti aunti explains she just felt like making it, Yatharth sees the papers that Sakshi left and he realizes that today is her birthday.

Vibhav is sitting at the table when Akanksha comes asking if today is the celebration or is he finding a new way to apologize when Vibhav reveals that these are all the gifts sent by her well-wishers, he reveals that the one which Meera sent is special since she claims after Manav signs them, they will surely get the custody of Yatharth, Vibhav advises her to not take the name of Yatharth in the entire conversation.

Manav is working in the office when Khushal jee comes to him, he is shocked mentioning it seems he will finish the entire work of the office today, Manav mentions that he has gotten a lot of duties, Khushal jee reveals that he heard Vibhav Kapoor is getting married to Akanksha, Manav replies that it is just a fake news as how can someone so selfish like Vibhav marry Akanksha, he believes in just spending money. Khushal jee exclaims that he is going to look at the other work which is pending.

Manav receives a call from Yatharth who explains that today is something really important, Manav tries to guess but Yatharth in forms that today is the birthday of Sakshi mam and he feels like arranging a special party for Sakshi mam, Manav allows him.
Akanksha reaches the office when Khushal jee wonders what is se doing here, Rohit takes her to the office, she standing at the door greets him, Manav replies he doesnot know of any appointment but she replies she has come for a personal matter, she requests to come inside the office revealing he has upgraded but Manav replies this is the office of Chokse sir, he got this position because of her company but then he replies that she is no longer part of that company. Akanksha replies even then she is marrying the owner of that company but needs his help, Manav while laughing says he cannot get them married since he doesnot remember the Mantar, Akanksha informs that she cannot marry him until they get a divorce, he should sign this mutual divorce papers to end this marriage, Manav exclaims she just decided to end it all and came with the papers, Akanksha requests him to forget what happened since she can start her life with his help.

Precap: Akanksha blames Manav for being a selfish and cheap person who brought another women to their house, she questions how can such a person raise Yatho, Manav is worried standing in the court.

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