Kaamna 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Meera is removed from the case on charges of Malpractice

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Manav explains he is now going to give the background of the video which was presented in the court that will reveal what actually happened between him and Akanksha in the Kapoor mansion, she stands u requesting Manav to not go ahead with it, the judge however allows Manav to complete his statement, manav apologizes explaining he would not be able to say it in front of everyone because then he would not be different then her, it is a difference that he doesnot want to end, she sits down when Vibhav asks why did she open her mouth, she asks if she should have allowed him to humiliate her.

Meera taking the stage explains the court is not going to give the character certificate of Manav and Akanksha, they both are ready for the divorce and it is a custody case, she would like to show how does Manav raise his son, she plays the video in which Yatharth is answering, he is stammering and then even exclaims that Manav used to raise his hand and even fought with her, he answers that Manav spends most time with Sakshi mam. Meera questions how can the court give the custody of Yatharth to such a man who has ruined the life of that poor child, Manav stands asking Meera how did she get the testimony, Meera says he has revealed he is not a professional lawyer because she is not answerable to him, Manav replies he might be but she is answerable to the court, he asks if the court sent any lawyers to take the testimony of Yatharth, Judge replies he has not sanctioned any interrogation, Manav explains he can only think who would, have sent the lawyers with the fake question so questions Meera, she replies she cannot say anything about it, Manav in anger loses his temper, when Shenoy sir also signals Manav who takes his leave, when he advises Manav who comes revealing that since this incident happened in his house and he was also present so his statement should be taken as a witness, he explains that those people were not lawyers and took the statement of his son by force, which has been edited by Meera, she raises an objection explaining that Manav is just making stories, the judge explains that since Manav has raised questions on her evidence and she doesnot have any answer so he is removing her on the charges of malpractice from this case, he will have these evidences interrogated and if they are proven forged then her license will be cancelled, Shenoy sir welcomes her to his club she sits down in anger.

The judge mentions he will appoint some lawyers who will take the official statement of Yatharth only after which the court will give the verdict, Manav requests the judge if he can send the team of lawyers today since he fears the other party might use their wealth for this case, he mentions he feels given the current scenario Manav’s worry is suitable so he can come to his chambers, Vibhav leaves with Akanksha and Meera in anger, Shenoy sir praises Manav mentioning he did great, hearing which Manav also smiles.

Meera mentions that someone for the first time has raised any objection in her career, Vibhav questions if it happened because of them since she is such a big lawyer but was not able to stand in front of a non-lawyer person, he questions why did she not question Maya when Meera asks if he understands what he is saying, Akanksha explains she is just about to lose the custody case of Yatho but they both are worried about their reputation, Vibhav questions why did she not cross check the witnesses, Meera says they were suggested by Akanksha, Vibhav explains that his reputation would be ruined till this case ends but he asks Akanksha to come by auto as this is what she is suitable for.

The reporters are questioning Maya, who question if she feels Vibhav would not marry Akanksha, she replies she doesnot know anything about it when they rush to see Vibhav and ask if he will surely marry Akanksha, Vibhav says they should surely come to his wedding.

Akanksha is looking for an auto when Manav comes asking why is she standing here because she doesnot have her car with four rings or even her boy friend Vibhav, he exclaims if her boyfriend divorced her before the marriage when he even hands her some money which she can use to get back home but she replies she still has enough money and doesnot need his help.
Akanksha in anger says she doesnot want to listen to her, maya explains that she has just secured her because she said that Vibhav will not marry her but he will now surely marry her in order to prove her wrong.

Vibhav reaches the house, he pours out a drink and then he goes into the bed room, someone is following him but he doesnot notice anything.

Sakshi is helping Yatharth eat his food when Manav calls Sakshi asking if he can talk with her alone, she goes into the bedroom when he explains that the lawyers appointed by the court are coming but the last interaction of Yatharth was not suitable but they should not feel anything is wrong, so can she prepare him.

Yatharth is eating the food when he receives the call, Vibhav asks if he wants to see his father alive then should not say anything to those people who are coming from the court, because then they would kill his father, Yatho asks who is talking, he replies it is not necessary but he should know he must come to his mother, either he can come by his own willingness or by force since if they kill his father then Akanksha would get the custody so he must decide if he wants to see his father alive, Vibhav fires in the open.

Akanksha entering calls Vibhav while Bubbly is asking the workers to call the ambulance, she hugs Akanksha explaining that someone has shot Vibhav and Akanksha has lost become a widow but she did not marry him so what will she be called.
Yatho is trembling with fear, Sakshi coming out asks what happened when he reveals that the father fish died seeing which even Sakshi is tensed.

Bubbly explains that he is still alive but then mentions she heard the bullet so felt someone killed him, Vibhav suspects that she is the one who has been giving the videos otherwise how could Manav present them, he forcefully takes her mobile but is shocked to see that it doesnot even have a mobile when Akanksha suspects that someone might have made the video from his office hearing which Vibhav realizes how he asked Ranay to take the bag, he therefor advises him to turn off all the CCTV cameras in the house.

Sakshi is trying to calm yatho wondering what happened to him, he calls Manav asking if he is fine when Manav assures he is perfectly fine and so is just coming inside the house, there is someone at the door when Sakshi goes to open it. Manav enters with the lawyers seeing whom Yatharth is shocked, Manav asks him to shake his hand but instead Yatharth rushes out of the house, Manav also follows him.

Precap: The judge asks Yatharth if he knows that this case if for his custody so what does he want to say, Yatho explains he has written an essay on his mother. Manav is really tensed seeing yatho.

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