Kaamna 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Yatharth refuses to meet Akanksha

Kaamna 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com Manav questions why did she hold the assembly when his ex-wife is coming to meet his son, Akanksha explains that she has come after discussing along with his father so why is he performing in such a means, she insists on staying and never leaving till his father comes again dwelling. Sometime earlier, Manav is with Yatharth within the automotive so advises him to not play and solely go the bottom, had he thought that Sakshi mam may get damage, Yatho thinks she is sorry as his intention was not to damage her. Manav will get a textual content of Akanksha who reminds him that she is coming to meet Yatharth, Manav asks if Yatharth is just not nervous within the presence of his mom saying she is coming to meet him however he should not be nervous since his father would all the time be by his aspect. Yatharth doesnot reply so Manav questions when Yatharth replies he’s each his mom and father after which he doesnot want anybody else in his life. Manav replies even then she has the orders of the courtroom, Yatho questions then why is he permitting her now, it’s as a result of Sakshi mam has left the home and he now not has time for his personal son, Manav replies he’s now crossing his limits however Yatharth replies why does he have to pay attention to such orders, simply because he’s a baby and is being pressured so would have to meet the unhealthy mom, Manav scolds him, Yatho replies he has additionally crossed his limits however Yatharth turns away in anger.
Sakshi mam is dusting the home, she thinks when Manav exclaimed he doesnot know what would occur when she leaves, she raised the priority with Manav that even Malti aunti is working with the youngsters, she thinks that Manav feels she can not transfer on whereas it was very easy for him so she may even neglect all of her reminiscences, Sakshi goes to Malti aunti questioning if she requested Manav to persuade her for the second marriage, Malti aunti replies that she simply requested him to request her to make the choice about her future life. Sakshi questions why did she ask him, Malti aunti replies it’s as a result of she doesnot pay attention to her, Sakshi replies Manav was in a position to persuade her as she is prepared for the second marriage, listening to this Malti aunti stands up in pleasure. Manav in anger questions Neha why did she organize the assembly on the time when his ex spouse is coming to meet his son, she replies this assembly was set every week in the past, when he asks then why is it not in his scheduler, she didn’t even considered confirming the time with him, Neha replies she requested Holkar sir who explains he agreed to the assembly as a result of he thought Manav can be free, Manav replies that he already missed the primary day of Yatho, and he’s feeling actually unhealthy as a result of it has occurred twice and he doesnot even like Akanksha, so he doesnot understand how he’ll react. Mr Holkar asks Neha to try to push the assembly ahead an hour, she replies this could give a nasty picture of the corporate when she leaves after he insists, Manav in anger closes the diary. Vibhav begins laughing exclaiming that she is the actually irritating the CEO, Neha says he’s simply her boss whereas she is definitely working for him, she felt unhealthy as he was actually tensed, Vibhav may have felt very nice if he noticed her face as then he may improve her bonus, Vibhav assures that her bonus can be elevated as the stress of Manav will increase.
Manav is greeting the officers when he tries calling Akanksha however she is busy having fun with the music within the automotive and so doesnot reply his calls, he additionally tries calling Yatho however he at first ends the decision however answering it questions what occurred, Manav informs that he’s caught in a gathering however his mom is coming to meet him so he’s the tremendous boy of his father so should stay sturdy, Yatho for a second will get nervous and ends the decision. Mr Holkar calls Manav explaining that all of them are ready for the CEO. Akanksha coming into the home calls Manav asking him to come since she has introduced a number of sweets for him, nevertheless he doesnot even open the door, the employee mentions he’s the home supervisor of Manav sir and when she asks about yatho, he reveals Yatharth is in his rooms. Akanksha knocks on the door calling him, Yatharth opening the door mentions he has already talked along with his father who assured of coming shortly till then she will go to the lounge, he closes the door on her face when she replies she has taken the permission from his father however he doesnot reply, Akanksha will get livid explaining that she is just not going to depart till Manav comes again, Akanksha is shocked to see the home of Manav exclaims he doesnot deserve this home, however says that is only for a number of days after which Manav can be on the road, she tries calling Manav however he doesnot reply when the supervisor comes asking if she want something, she doesnot reply so he requests her to inform Mr Kapoor to ensure that their salaries come on time when Akanksha asks in the event that they receives a commission by the Kapoor development, she asks him to ahead their particulars on this e mail after which she’s going to test what she will do however he should perceive that his loyalties ought to all the time be on the aspect that pays them. Akanksha walks to the room exclaiming she has been ready because the previous half an hour, she as soon as once more tries calling Manav who ends the decision which frustrates her as she thinks he’s displaying the perspective after turning into CEO, Manav apologizes to all of them for the disturbance, Akanksha then throws some footage from beneath the door pondering this could full her work, Yatharth begins them recalling all of the reminiscences spent along with his mom however when he remembers what she has completed and so exclaims that he actually hates her. Manav is within the assembly when Akanksha enters standing in entrance of him, she begins shouting at him when he questions the guard why did he permit her to come inside, he informs she got here even when he tried informing her. The buyers clarify they need to have cleared the entire points within the lifetime of their CEO earlier than arranging the assembly when Manav tries requesting them to cease however they don’t pay attention, Akanksha retains on blaming them, Neha enters shouting if she has the slightest concept the loss their firm goes to undergo since all of the buyers have left, Vibhav smiles pondering Akanksha is sweet on the drama and Manav should brace himself since he has despatched a missile by the identify of Akanksha in direction of Manav. Yatharth is tearing the entire images exclaiming he hates Akanksha quite a bit as she ruined their household, he mentions they had been actually pleased earlier than this new job of Manav however now everyone seems to be distanced and even Sakshi mam doesnot hug him anymore, he burns the entire images. Precap: Yatharth is coughing within the fie requesting the employees to open the door however they aren’t in a position to mentioning that the door might need gotten locked from the within, they recall that Manav has the keys and so calls him who runs after understanding in regards to the fireplace in Yatharth’s room.

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