Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Purvi’s parents disown her

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purvi’s dad giving her a letter. She asks what’s this, is Shruti getting married, when, with whom, did engagement happen, who is the guy. Singh asks her to check it. She checks the newspaper post. She reads her death news in the obituary post. Everyone gets shocked.

Purvi hugs Singh and cries. He gets angry. He says if I take you home today, then Shruti can’t get married, we can send you to any women NGO, everyone knew that you had run away, but also that you are alive, you are dead for us, Purvi. He asks Rekha to explain Purvi to not come to the city. He threatens Purvi. Jagannath looks at Alok.

Kusum asks Baby to put Purvi’s clothes in the trunk, it will be used next year, Purvi isn’t going anywhere, she won’t go to any NGO, she will stay here. She asks Jagannath. He nods. Singh asks Rekha to come. Rekha goes to hug Purvi. Kusum stops Rekha. She says I believe in customs, the wife who can’t stop her husband’s wrong isn’t a good wife, the mum who can’t fight the world for her child, she isn’t a good mum. She scolds Rekha.

She says we will never forgive you. She asks them to leave. Purvi’s family leaves. Kusum gets dizzy. Everyone attends her. Jagannath says she is okay, get away. Kusum cries. He hugs her and consoles. He says you fought like this for the first time, so you are shaking, you did good, I m proud of you. He praises her. Kusum says Alok, you have seen all that happened.

Alok says I made a big mistake by calling them here, forgive me. Deepa goes to Alok. She says you are denying your words. Alok says Purvi is alone, where will she go, her parents refused. She asks will she not go anywhere. He says give me some time, I will think. Kashi and Isha have chat. He says Deepa called me and asked me not to send Purvi for dinner, I m sharing this with you, Deepa and Alok don’t like her. Isha says yes, they are getting possessive for their parents. He says Purvi got alone, can you befriend her. She says I don’t know her, how do I get friendly with her. He says try to know her for my sake. She says fine, don’t worry.

Kusum gives tips to Purvi. Purvi misses Rekha. Kusum cheers her up. Purvi says sorry and hugs her. Jagannath smiles seeing them. Kusum asks him to come, she was just applying oil to Purvi’s hair. He asks Purvi to spread-hold her dupatta. He puts the toffees in her dupatta and smiles. Purvi smiles and recalls Singh.

He says you had told that your dad used to fill your frock with sweet toffees, your uncle ji, your friend is here, I will never let you down, I promise. She says but these are not toffees. He says its chewing gum which you like, you said jaw line gets strong, its an exercise, keep doing it. He blesses her. He goes. Kusum hugs Purvi. He smiles.

Alok asks for house papers. Kusum says your dad keeps it in his cupboard. Alok gets some file. Jagannath calls him out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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