Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Jagannath and Purvi become friends

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Kusum making sweets and saying Kashi is like a kid till now. Jagannath comes and asks for his shawl. She says its summer, you don’t need the shawl and sweater now. He says I didn’t know that. She laughs. He says Purvi didn’t give me tea. She says she is scared of you, she applied you colours and you got angry. He says you know why I don’t play holi. She asks him to hold the glass for some time. He asks for how long. She ignores him. He says you are strange, you aren’t listening. She says sorry, I forgot. He says you forgot, amazing, you make me tired sometimes.Kusum asks Baby to go and see the arrangements. Baby goes. Kusum says you held the glass for two mins and got tired, think of the burden you are carrying since years, you would be tired, Deepa left on the holi day, why do you not forget it. He asks is it so easy to forget. She says I can’t say but you are a knowledgeable man, you should also imply it, you get rid of the past baggage, your heart will get light, you will get calm by heart and soul also. She throws the water. He thinks. Badri asks Kashi to wake up, its holi. Kashi asks him to go away. Badri asks him to have tea. Kashi says just go. Purvi and Dolly come there. Purvi says Kashi is sleeping, I will apply holi to him and go. Dolly asks her to forget the past and become old Purvi. Purvi says okay. They apply colour to Kashi and hide. Badri laughs. Kashi wakes up. Badri asks him to see his face. Kashi sees Purvi and Dolly in the mirror. He says Purvi did this. He goes with colours and catches her. purvi runs. O rangrez….plays…Kashi smiles seeing her. He imagines a moment with her. She leaves. He runs after her. They all enjoy the holi. Jagannath recalls Kusum’s words. He stops her and goes to open the door. The colours fall on him. Everyone gets shocked. He asks them to play dhol. He smiles. Everyone smiles. He applies the colours to Kusum. She also applies it to him. Holi khele raghuveera….plays… They all dance.Its morning, Jagannath asks for his other shoe. Kusum says we got it, see what Purvi made for you. He asks what is it. Purvi fixes a pic drama. Jagannath sees Biren and his pic. He recalls Biren. Purvi says your best friend is always with you. He cries and says yes, I will always miss him. Purvi says I know I can never take his place but we can become friends. He says you know you are my granddaughter’s age. Purvi says yes, but who sees age in friendship, I m not calling you yaar, so I m calling you a friend. He says its not easy to become my friend, you have to become disciplined, you have to wake up at 6am and do yoga and then go to ghat at 7am. She says done, I accept everything. He says I get angry soon, don’t cry later. She says I left crying. Kusum smiles. He says I m not so easy, I have my own conditions. Purvi says I know, Biren told me everything. She tells Biren’s words. Kusum asks him to say now. Purvi asks friends. He smiles and shakes hands.Precap:Jagannath sings a song for Kusum. They all dance. Isha, Deepa and Alok come home.Update Credit to: Amena

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