Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 30th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Jagannath encourages Purvi to move on

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 30th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Jagannath defending Purvi, who got cheated, who is a victim. He asks why isn’t anyone telling this to Babu, who is a fraud. He asks Purvi not to get upset, its not her mistake, she trusted him, she is a strong person and has a clean heart, the fraud person has a bad heart, if anyone wants to break you or insult you, then don’t give this right to anyone, be it Babu or Baby, trust yourself and also your uncle, aunty. Kusum smiles.He asks Kusum to explain her. He says you have to decide, you have to become a victim or survivor, burn all the memories that hurt her, give life a new chance, or you know the way to Ganga ghat, I won’t come to save you this time. He says every action has a reaction, you have to face the consequences of your actions, I have explained you, now I m going out to have tea. He leaves.Everyone meets for the holika. Jagannath misses Biren. He repeats Biren’s words. Purvi looks on. Kashi asks her to come downstairs. She cries. Kusum does the puja. Purvi comes and burns her red bridal dupatta in the fire. She says you said that its my choice, I want to become a victim or survivor, I have chose to survive, I will never lose, when my parents left me just you both supported me. Purvi thanks them and hugs. Kusum says we will get you married. Badri smiles seeing Kashi.Alok and Deepa call Kashi and ask about Kusum. Kashi says she is fine. Alok says I delayed in sending money, so she got upset. Kashi says no, her heart melts down soon, do you want to talk. They say its okay. Kashi shows them Jagannath and Kusum with Purvi. Deepa asks who is that girl. Kashi says she is Purvi, she stays there, her parents ousted her, her lover also cheated her, master ji has given her a shelter, she has ended their loneliness, Kusum asked her to stay with them. Purvi comes and calls him for holika dahan. Kashi ends call. Deepa says mum and dad can’t pity anyone and keep them home. Alok asks her to try. She says dad won’t listen to me. Purvi takes colours and throws it on Jagannath’s face, wishing happy holi. Everyone looks on shocked.Jagannath goes. Purvi asks what happened. Kusum goes after him. Kashi says I never saw master ji playing holi, Deepa loved to play holi, she used to trouble him a lot, then one holi came such that it changed everything. FB shows Jagannath getting Deepa’s letter. Deepa leaves the house for Mayank’s sake. Kashi says he felt cheated by the colours. Purvi thinks.Precap:Jagannath and Kusum play holi. Purvi sees Alok, Isha and Deepa at the door.Update Credit to: Amena

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