Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Alok and Deepa come home

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purvi saying it’s a party to celebrate my friendship with uncle and aunty. Jagannath says unique friendship. Kashi and Badri smile. Purvi says uncle will eat chewing gum and show. Jagannath says its nonsense. She says no, it’s a condition for friendship, try it. He says no way. Kusum and Purvi insist. He says I can’t have it. Purvi says fine, we won’t force you, but you have to play Antakshari with us. He says no. She says you can’t go away, friend. Kusum says yes, she is right. They all insist. Jagannath says okay, fine. Purvi says we will make two teams, boys versus girls. They ask Jagannath to start because he is elder. Jagannath sings a bhajan. Kusum laughs.

Purvi says you are singing a bhajan, this is not done. He asks would I sing a love song in this age, your turn now. Kusum sings to taunt him. Purvi says she has sung right in response. Kashi asks him to give a reply to Kusum. Jagannath sings Ye raatein…. He asks them to sing now. Kusum says yes, you all sing. Kashi sings a song for Purvi. Purvi sings friendship songs. Kashi says we will sing. Purvi asks them to sing well. Jagannath sings Dil ka haal… They all dance. They see Alok, Isha and Deepa at the door. Alok also sings the same song and greets them. He says I remember, you used to sing this song in childhood, how are you.

Isha hugs Jagannath and Kusum. Purvi smiles. Deepa asks won’t you bless Alok and me today. Kusum goes. Kashi introduces Purvi. Alok goes to Kusum and apologizes. Jagannath says now he is blaming us, we have no hope from them. Deepa says trust me, I was much worried for you. He says you also didn’t come. Deepa says I had the exhibition. Kusum says we don’t matter to you, forget it. Alok asks why are you saying this, don’t get emotional. Jagannath says I was fighting with death and your mum was struggling in hospital alone, you are teaching her to not get emotional.

He says I have seen Biren, same thing will happen with us Kusum. Alok says don’t talk negative, we aren’t so bad. Purvi comes and greets them. She says I got juice drinks and sweets for you, have it. Alok says keep it there. Purvi goes. Deepa asks how did you keep her home. Jagannath says its our wish, our house. Alok says you don’t know her. Kusum says we don’t know her, even then, you know what she did for us, she did what our children should have done, when your dad was fighting with death, she was with me, did you both do anything, she has sold her bridal jewellery for Jagannath’s operation, can anyone do this, she has lifted your dad’s bed pan also, your dad was so ashamed. She cries. She says we don’t want to talk, just go now. Jagannath holds her hand. Alok and Deepa also cry.

Alok asks Kashi to call Purvi. Jagannath asks why. Alok says I have to settle something. Purvi comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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