Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Paragi Learns About Mayank’s Involvement

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 7th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanjay sits beside Vinod to have food. Vinod gets up seeing him. Sanjay asks him to ahave food and tries to leave. Vinod says if he really cares about him so much, then he should bring Paragi back home. Sanjay thinks he cannot reveal truth ot Vinod now. Sushma tries to speak, but Sanjay stops her and asks not to raise the topic of remarriage topic again. Pramod asks him to let the lawyer handle everything and just think about his future. Baby tells Sanjay that she found a perfect match for him and insists to talk to the girl once. Sanjay thinks this alliance must be good for Pramod and Baby, so they are insisting him so much. Sushma asks Sanjay to forget Paragi. He tells he will listen her once he settles everything with Paragi and walks away from there. Sushma feels happy hearing that. Baby tells Pramod that bride’s family is very rich and will give them so much dowry that they don’t need investors for their business. He says no one should know about the dowry.

Mayank dreams about the school inspection where a masked inspector helps them. She wakes up and suspects that he must be Mayak and thinks of finding his details. Next morning, Paragi reaches office. Batra asks what is she doing in the office. She informs him that she collected details about the people who were involved in that inspection. She checks inspector Sasikant’s file and tells Batra that she suspects him. Batra looks at Sasikant’s photo and says he wasn’t the one who accompanied them for inspection. Mishra says he will find out who accompanied them then.

Pramod gives their new project’s blueprint to Sanjay. Sanjay asks him what happened to the case. Pramod assures him not to worry about that as he sorted out everything and asks him to accompany him for the meeting. Sanjay says he will cancel his appointment with the lawyer then. Pramod asks him not to cancel the appointment and says he will handle the meeting. Sanjay clicks pictures of the new project file. He then acts like talking to the lawyer about divorce when Baby passes by.

Mishra returns to Paragi and Batra and informs them that Sasikant learned about the cancelation of the inspection and hence didn’t come that day. Paragi says someone gave fake information to Sasikant and replaced him for inspection. Batra checks Mayank’s file and informs Paragi that he is the one who accompanied them for inspection. She informs him that Mayank is her relative. He says he is tired of all this and questions why her family is trying to ruin her reputation. He decides to investigate Mayank. Paragi stops him and says Mayank is just a pawn and she needs time to expose everyone. He asks her to hurry up and walks away.

Chanda notices Atul’s new bike and Shiva’s shopping bags and questions them about how they got so much money. Shiva lies that her uncle gave her money to celebrate her wedding anniversary. Chanda thinks of informing about it to Paragi. Sanjay over phone informs Paragi that Baby and Pramod and planning for his remarriage and noticing Sushma and Baby acts as shouting at her. Baby tells Sushma that the girl’s family wants to meet them. Sushma asks her to invite them and wishes Paragi gets out of Sanjay’s life as soon as possible. Baby thinks she just wants money and not family’s peace.

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