Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Mayank Tarnishes Paragi and Batra’s Reputation

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comBaby gets tensed noticing Sanjay repeatedly trying to call Paragi and fears her plan will fail if he connects with Paragi. She calls Sushma, Vindo, Sanjay, and Pramod and says due to the case, their happiness is lost, so she wants them all to do meditation together to ease their stress. Sushma, Vinod, and Pramod agree. Paragi take phones from them. Sanjay denies giving the phone as he is waiting for Paragi’s call. She says he can after 1 hour. Pramod takes his phone and gives it to her. She thinks by the time meditation finishes, Mayank would have finished his task.Mayank peeps at intoxicated Paragi and Batra. Batra tells Paragi that she was the most irritating person from her training batch. She says he would get training first to handle girls as all the girls are good. He denies and says men behave weirdly when they come in front of girls, Sanjay is a good man but behaves weird when she is around reminding her of holi incident. She says her Sanjay is the best and warns him not to speak anything against her husband. She starts crying missing Sanjay. Mayank gets tensed thinking she may call Sanjay and messages Baby. Paragi calls Sanjay from a landline. Baby during meditation notices the landline number flashing on Sanjay’s phone and thinks it must be Paragi for sure and disconnects the call.Sanjay imagines Paragi during meditation and then imagines Paragi and Batra together in a room. He thinks why he is thinking about them while meditating. Batra asks Paragi to finish her task. She says she wants to share a secret with him and reveals that she and Sanjay consider him an enemy of love nicked him as khatra/danger. She slips, and he holds her. Mayank clicks their pics in that position. Paragi says she is feeling dizzy. He says let us go home. Mayank tries to escape and drops his phone down breaking its screen.After meditation, Sanjay waits for Paragi. Baby provokes Sushma that Paragi is very ignorant should have messaged Sanjay at least. Sanjay warns her not to create any problem now as there is a mobile network issue at Paragi’s side. Sushma says its Paragi’s responsibility to inform him. He says he is just worried for Paragi’s safety and heads towards Paragi’s office. Paragi imagines seeing Sanjay who came to pick her up and imagines dancing with him. Batra gets her out of her imagination and takes her towards car where he doesn’t see the driver and asks Paragi to drive. They get into the car, she acts as driving a plane, they both get tired and collapse. Mayank smirks looking at their intimate pics and thinks they will lose their conscience once they get conscious. He sends those pics to Baby who shows them to Pramod and says now there will be a dhamaka.Sanjay waits for Paragi at her office. Mishraji informs that Paragi and Batra left the inspection venue at 5 p.m. Phones start ringing. Mishraj rushes to attend them. Sanjay gets a news video in which the reporter describes about Paragi and Batra’s affair. He shatters and drops phone down. Pathak family also watches the news and stand shocked while Baby and Pramod grin.Precap: Precap will be added later.

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