Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 16th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pramod Brainwashes Sushma

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 16th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paragi gets worried thinking about the conversation between Vinod and Pramod and Batra’s action against Pramod and Atul/Shiva. Sanjay asks her to relax whatever will happen will be good. He shows sorry written on his palm for the trouble she had because of his family. She also shows sorry written on her palm and apologizes for Atul and Shiva’s mistakes and hopes Batra doesn’t take any harsh step towards them. Sanjay worries for Abhay after hearing about his parents’ deeds.

Pramod tells Abhay not to believe on rumors. Abhay asks how can they defame Paragi bhabhi for his benefit. Pramod says Paragi wants to shut down their business. Abhay says he didn’t expect such a hatred from his parents, he was proud of his family, but feels ashamed seeing his parents conspiring against own family members. Pramod says he is living a lavish life with branded watch, shoes, and clothes because of them. He returns watch and shoes and says he doesn’t need their wrongly earned money. He further asks him not to repeat on him what he did for Sanjay. Pramod angrily raises hand to slap Abhay. Abhay walks away. Baby blames Atul and Shiva for their plan’s failure.

Chanda speaks to Paragi over phone and reveals that she kicked Atul and Shiva out of her house as a punishment for their mistake. Paragi gives her idea to make them mend their ways. Atul and Shiva continue to knock door and request Chanda to get them in. Chanda opens door and says this house is in her name and she can sell it and stay with Paragi, so if they want to get back inside house, they need to agree to her terms. They agree.

Pramod and Baby brainwash Sushma against Paragi that she is having an affair with Batra and says until Paragi is an IAS officer, she can trap Sanjay in a case and seek divorce from him, then they may have to give a huge alimony to her. Sushma as usual falls prey for their drama and says she will convince Vinod to stop them from leaving the house. They both gring. Batra on the other side thins he did right by accepting Paragi’s request not to prosecute Pramod and Baby or else the false news will spread more.

Sanjay notices Abhay carrying his bag and asks reason. Abhay says his parents ruined everything, Vinod asked his parents to leave the house. Sanjay feels sad for him. Sushma blackmails Vinod that if he lets Pramod and Baby leave this house, even she will leave with them. Vinod says as she wishes.

Chanda gives a list of household chores to Atul and Shiva and warns them to kick them out of house if they fail even in 1 task. They helplessly agree. Next day, Pramod, Baby, and Sushma get their bags to leave from the house.

Precap: Precap will be added later.

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