Imlie 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan’d Old Friend Jyoti Saves Imlie

Imlie 6th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on A saint tells Imlie to laugh out loud, but never consider happiness as permanent as nothing is permanent in life. He says if she feels peace in life, its a sign of the upcoming storm. Imlie gets confused and asks him to speak clearly. Saint warns him that she may lose her most precious thing. A mysterious lady walks on road unbothered about the vehicles heading towards her. Vehicles change their direction seeing her. Imlie searches Aryan and doesn’t find him around her. She searches for him worried and shouts his name. Arpita gets out of house when a goon thinking her as Nila asks her money to kill Kareli, Jalebi. She asks him who called him here to kill a girl. He asks if she is Nila. Nila walks out and says she ordered him to get lakdi/wood and not ladki/girl to make furniture. She asks Arpita to go and let her handle the man. Arpita leaves. Nila scolds goon and gives him money. Imlie walks in the middle of the street searching for Aryan. Cars from both sides of the road are about to hit her when a mysterious girl her by stopping the cars on time. Imlie shouts at the car drivers. Girl takes her aside. Imlie asks who is she, she is searching for her husband. The girl asks her to stop panicking as she can think clearly, offers her water, and says one who are connected with heart cannot go away from there. She asks her to relax, take a deep breath, and imagine the person with closed eyes. Imlie closes her eyes and asks Aryan to return to her. She opens eyes and notices Aryan in front of her crossing the street. Imlie walks to Aryan and holding his collar shouts at him for disappearing suddenly like Mr India. He says he was feeling suffocated due to smoke and had gone to get water, so she should stop creating a scene. The girl walks to them and says because Imlie is worried for him. Aryan is surprised to see her, revealing she is his college friend Jyoti, and hugs him happily. Jyoti says she thought he forgot everything after becoming Aryan from Aaru. Aryan introduces her to Imlie as his college friend Jyoti/Jo and introduces Imlie as his wife. Jo says she knows as she is watching them since a few days, recalling the incident. Update in Progress

Update Credit to: MA

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