Imlie 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie asks Aryan what’s the need of talking about Aditya to Tripathis, how long he will continue to take revenge. Aryan says as long as Aditya will be alive, Imlie makes him understand that he is destroying himself by doing all this. His revenge will ruin his whole life. Aryan says he freed her from those conditions but she came back still why she did that. She says her life is destroyed already because of him so his favour won’t work. He says he gave choice to her but not to Aditya.

He won’t involve her in all this but his aim won’t change. He leaves in anger and starts rash driving. He thinks about Imlie’s request and says he won’t spare Aditya if his own life gets destroyed in order to take take revenge he won’t mind then too. He gets distracted and meets with an accident. He opens the car door and falls unconscious. He gets admitted to hospital. Narmada learns and that and tells Arpita that Aryan was never that much irresponsible then why he became like that. He has responsibilities of his wife, his family then why is he doing this.

Arpita says he used to take care of his family and himself a lot earlier but after Arvind’s death he pretends like noone can defeat him and he is strict etc. Imlie overhears that. Nila says Imlie’s presence is bad for Aryan thus that brought bad omen in his life after just a day of marriage. Gudiya brings aarti thal saying she prayed for Aryan’s wellbeing. Nila praises her and Arpita defends Imlie as it was Aryan who whose driving was rash.

Narmada tells Imlie to take care of Aryan when Gudiya insists she will wait in the hospital for Aryan. Narmada says his wife should take care of him. Imlie goes to meet him and gets emotional seeing his condition. She says he only lectures her but he doesn’t apply them on his life. He utters her name and she is about to touch his forehead but stops. She asks why he is torturing himself. She feels bad for Narmada and Arpita and go to sleep.

Next day Aryan gives head massage to Imlie thinking she couldn’t sleep because of him and she wakes up. She asks him why he woke her up. He makes an excuse that he wanted to drink water. She feels weird and later they get into an argument regarding Aditya’s topic. Imlie says she will stop him from seeking revenge. He says she can’t do that, by pulling her close. Imlie decides to know what happened in the factory so she tells one staff collect Arvind related articles.

Nila tells her to make first dish after marriage to perform the post marriage ritual. She taunts her and Imlie makes it with Sundar’s help. While talking to Aparna, Aditya taunts her. Narmada scolds Aryan for his carelessness. She says she trusts Imlie more than him. He says he won’t involve Imlie in all this. Imlie goes to other side of the kitchen and Nila mixes red chilli powder in the sweet dish. Imlie can’t realise that and she doesn’t go to office but tells the staff to send the articles at home.

Precap: Imlie feeds Aryan and he eats without complaining.

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