Imlie 3rd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan and Imlie avoid each other during their first night

Imlie 3rd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan and Imlie avoid each other during their first night

Imlie 3rd April 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie doing the vidaai ritual. Imlie is overwhelmed and recalls the words she uttered to Meethi. She claims that she got married to Aryan in love with Meethi but she doesn’t pay attention to her words any further. Imlie enters the car and doesn’t hug Meethi. Aryan Consoles us with a her Meethi and asks if Imlie and her have a confusion due to his. She lied that there was she has nothing to do with him. He assures Imlie that he will take charge of Imlie. He then gets in the car and departs with Imlie.

Aryan plays with his girlfriend in her car, and she poses in front of people who are watching. Imlie is annoyed, and a few Kinnars show up and bless the couple. Imlie offers them Aryan’s wallet. He asks her why Imlie do that? He has credit card there. Imlie says but she doesn’t care. The blessings she receives will not force her to stay with him for the rest of her life. She will not be one of his goals. He holds her hand tight and tells her she’s not his target , which he’s repeatedly told her. She gets out of the vehicle and states that that she isn’t going to follow his commands and her dupatta becomes stuck on his watch. She asks him when she be allowed to go home? He never says. He sits her in the car and tells the driver to drive her home, however Aryan begins driving the car, after making her wear a seat belt.

Aparna discusses with Aditya about why he’s stuck and why he is not taking it in. Imlie is getting married. Aditya claims she left after she finished the last phera. She says she doesn’t have rights with her since she returned to wed Aryan. Aditya quits with a firm statement that she will not give up hope. Meethi listens to the conversation and considers whether she made the wrong choice with Imlie. Imlie returns to Aryan’s house and expresses her displeasure.

Aryan questions her why she came back, even though she had the option of going elsewhere. She says that she’s doing this to help Narmada as well as Arpita. She is able to be the daughter-in-law of the home, however not the wife. He states that if there is no one who comes close to him, he won’t chase them. He also says he’ll act with Imlie similarly to what she behaves. Imlie gets furious as she believes that he has made false accusations against Aditya. She goes out, and then enters into the Rathod Mansion with holding Aryan’s hand.

Narmada shows her how to do the ceremony. Nila states that Imlie has already been through it because she was married twice. Aryan is able to silence her, and Narmada informs Imlie to carry on the ceremony. Imlie marks her foot on the sheet, but the marks aren’t visible. Nila smiles when she pours water onto the sheet. Imlie removes this water by twisting the sheet and then once more walks across it and marks her footprints.

Imlie is crying in her room and is laying on the floor. Meethi phoned her in order to inquire what she did not tell her that she had reached the home of Aryan. Imlie declares that she is the one who drove her into darkness, and she shouldn’t act as if she’s worried about her. Aryan questions Imlie why she’s sitting such a way. He refers to Meethi her mother, but she insists that she is her mother, and he shouldn’t steal her mother away from her. Aryan declares that lies. He is irritated and tells her she can sit there in the way she likes. Aparna speaks with Aditya and Meethi. They advise Aditya to get on with his life. Meethi goes away after which Aditya decides to take it serious.

Aryan and Imlie do post-marriage rituals. Aryan thinks he ought to apologize for his actions to Imlie but not in front of everyone. Imlie believes she won’t be able to listen to another taunt from him. Nila obliges Imlie to dress in threads and keeps taunting her in the ceremony. She hurts her , and Imlie asks her not to be so low. She advises Nila to be careful. Imlie receives blessings from the friends of Narmada. Nila claims she is planning an act to cause pain Imlie.

Imlie has a feeling of unease and Narmada says to Aryan as well as Imlie to take the threads out of one another to complete the ceremony. Aryan advises Imlie to avoid embarrassing his mother. Imlie manages to untie his thread. Aryan is shocked to see that Imlie’s thread is fastened so tightly. He attempts to loosen it, but Imlie falls unconscious. He takes her to a room and Nila declares that the ceremony isn’t over. Aryan affirms that he believes in an equal partnership. He embraces Imlie and she wakes with a smile.

Aditya goes out with all of his clothes. Pankaj informs Aparna that Aditya has left his camera which meaning he didn’t go to work. Nila makes milk to Imlie to ensure that she doesn’t have to stay the day with Aryan. Gudiya is also hoping that Imlie will not be able to perform the ritual. Gudiya displeads Imlie by speaking to her about the the first night. She advises Imlie to drink milk that was made by Nila. Imlie is taken to the room, and is amazed by the romantic suhagraat decoration. Imlie is trapped and wonders what can she do to free herself from this dilemma right now. She’s planning to drink her milk, but being aware of Aryan she immediately hides, not drinking the milk. She is nervous, thinking about what she should do to avoid him.

Aryan is in the room and is shocked at the decor. He takes all the decorations off and pretends to fall asleep. He tells Imlie he must let Imlie believe that he did sleep. He tells Imlie to not be taken in by the romantic decor. He starts to snore, and finds himself confused as to how to proceed. Imlie is then irritated. She decides to pursue her goals regardless of what. She tries to grab the trophies off the shelves but she isn’t able to reach them. Aryan assists her by helping to lift her up and asking what she’s doing. He asks her the same. He says he’s the one who came first. They go over their questions and are uncomfortable. The man gets close to her and says that he’s asking his wife for only one thing and she is anxious. Imlie accidently makes Arvind’s file collapse. He makes sure they are in the correct location and then sleeps on the steps. The girl does the same.

Aditya returns home, and Aparna is delighted to see him. He asks her why he didn’t inform her where he was going. Aditya claims he didn’t think it was necessary to disclose his location. Narmada invites them to attend the reception, however Aditya declares that Tripathis will attend , but not him. Aparna warns him not to act like that, but it is not in vain. Imlie arrives at the reception in her usual costume and holds items for cleaning. Everyone is curious about what she’s wearing. She says that it’s her identity that she will not alter. Aryan notices her.

Precap: Imlie is cleaning glasses that have broken before guests, and Aryan assists her with this.

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