Imlie 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie Reunites With Meethi

Imlie 2nd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie thinks she is bad, but her mother is good; Sundar is good, but his mother is bad. She asks Seeta maiya why everyone are different and recalls misbehaving with her mother. She thinks she thought she is like her mother, then how could she speak bitter to her mother; her mother was her first best friend, then why she is hesitant to speak to her mother today and apologize her. Aryan mimics her and says she should tell her mother that she vented out akkadbagga/Aryan’s anger on her and seek her forgiveness. Imlie says its her issue, then why is he interfering. Aryan says he is involved in this as he is the reason behind her tiff with her mother. She says he wants to be great and asks him to stop his advice and go from there as she is missing her mother. Aryan suggests her to speak to her mother immediately.

Imlie calls Pagdandiya post office. Meethi speaks to her from behind. Imlie thinks she is speaking over phone says she should scold her and treat her the way she wants, but speak to her. Meethi says she wants her to stop making her life’s biggest mistake and says she will be happy with Aryan. Imlie says she wants to hug her right now. Meethi keeps her hand on her shoulder. Imlie feels overjoyed seeing her and hugs her happily. Meethi keeps Aryan and Imlie’s hands together and says they are made for each other, so they should always stay together.

Narmada sees Arpita packing all her clothes and stuff and tries to stop her. Arpita sasy after Arvind’s death, her life became colorless, but she continued hiding her pain and wore colorful clothes, Sundar’s mother didn’t like that, so she doesn’t want this marriage now. Imlie asks her not to lose her hope as she deserves to be happy. Nila praises Nanda’s decision and bribes her some money to cancel the wedding. Nanda enters Arpita’s room and gets greedy seeing the jewelry and gives her consent for the marriage saying she realized her mistake after hearing Imlie’s speech. Everyone stands stunned hearing that. Nila takes Nanda aside and asks why she agreed for the wedding even after taking money to cancel it. Nanda says she doesn’t want a petty amount and will enjoy the jackpot brought by Sundar. Nila suggests her to seek a huge dowry. Nanda says she will make a long list of demands and ask Arpita’s family to fill them first.

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