Imlie 24th February Episode Written Update: Imlie returns to the Rathod Estate

Imlie returns to the Rathod Estate and thanks Aryan for standing by her. Elsewhere, Aditya packs Malini’s belongings and asks her to leave the house. Read full Written Update of Imlie 24th Feb 2022 at

Imlie 24th February 2022 Written Update

Aparna is crying that it was her fault for not being able to grasp Malini correctly, Malini snatched happiness of her children. Pankaj insists that she not be more upset about what has occurred. Rupali is hopeful that Aditya makes the right choice. Malini offers them tea and tells them she is sure that they won’t be coming in until they have heard Aditya’s verdict. She has a problems with Imlie only and she is unable to see the pain of their families because they are all part of her family. She pours tea for Rupali. Rupali is the one to throw the cup away and yells at her to stop this since she will never be their cousin.

Malini is begging her not to declare that she’s just similar to her. Rupali claims that if she’s genuine, she’s a criminal , and should she not drank Aditya and had a baby she would be in jail now. why would she believe they’re alike? Soon the fake relationship will come to an end. Malini claims their relationship will never be ended because she is a lover of all of them, she can be punished but not divorce her and her child. Nishant momurs, she began her crocodile tears a second time. Aparna declares that her baby is an indication of her betrayal. Malini claims that maa says this out of anger, and pleads Harish as well as Pankaj to do something since the baby is part of their family. Pankaj insists that only Aditya will speak today.

Aditya appears before the couple and says that they don’t need to wait for long. Aparna advises Aditya that when he ties his name to Malini and she leaves her. Malini admits that she has recognized it is not appropriate for a mother to be separated from her children. She says they are part of the family and he must make the decision based on his baby. He says he came to a his decision after thinking about all of them and he holds her hand as she enters. Aparna is shocked when she hears that and falls. Pankaj holds her hand and asks that if the coin they have was fake what should they expect from other people.

At the home of Aryan, Narmada lights lamp and prays Matarani to bring light to Imlie’s home and Aparna’s. Then she walks up to Aryan and tells him that If he believes that loneliness is a trap , and did the right thing by helping Imlie in times of need and prayed for her, he must pray that she stays resilient and confronts her circumstances courageously. Arpita invites her to take a take a break and then removes her. Aryan walks over to Matarani’s idol and tells her that the idol never spoke to him following Arvind’s passing, and even to this day he does not be able to do so. Aryan Inquires about why Imlie felt overwhelmed when she won the day before, and what she will be rewarded for her win. Imlie returns shivering in dirty clothes.

Aryan asks the servant to provide towels and water. He asks Imlie how she got home. She responds by walking. He wraps a towel around her and scrubs her dirty and then scolds her. Imlie thank his friendship. Aryan claims they aren’t acquaintances. She claims he is promoted at office and degrades here. She’s his well-wisher and mentor and she deserves to be thanked. He says he’s not worthy of her gratitude.

She asks him to quietly take her thoughts into consideration and declares that many people have talent but do not receive the support they deserve. she received his support and appreciates all his assistance, recalling each one of them, and tells him that he is personal to her. He smiles. He asks if he’s smiling. He replies that he is that he is not, especially if the speech is finished. She doesn’t say she’s done yet, and says that not just her marriage is in ruins but also her faith in her heart and love; He said that one can’t change things, but they can alter their perspective, etc.

Aditya is the one who packs Malini’s possessions. Malini wants to know what he’s doing. He claims he’s doing right, and that going to jail was her plan but he doesn’t want to witness his child being held in jail , so he has to exile her from his life and his house. Malini is begging him not to do this. He cites all her violations. She claims she has been his most trusted friend over the years. He claims he can’t befriend someone like her .

He feels guilty for not taking her to prison, but he will take Anu to jail, knowing that she will be punished for her actions soon, and so on. She pleadeds with him not to do this, for their children’s sake. He tells her that she shouldn’t think that she’ll never be a good mom however, he’ll be a great father and she must repent of her transgressions as soon as possible. He drags her from the home with her bag and tells her to go to never see again if their fate is lucky. Malini picks her bag. Sundar assists her until she gets to the her car and then she walks away in complete silence.

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What is the real name of Imlie?

The role of Imli is played by the actress Sumbul Touqueer Khan.

What is the story of Imlie?

Imlie, a young and smart village belle, is forced to marry a journalist after they seek shelter in a hut during heavy rains. On reaching the city, she realises that her husband is engaged to be married.

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