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Imlie 23nd February Written Tellyupdate

Imlie 22nd February Written Tellyupdate

Aparna advises Malini to not label her maa, as she is Imlie’s mother from now on. She says there are three conditions to be motherhood, sacrifice motherhood, forgiveness, and sacrifice only Imlie adhered to all three conditions , she did not Malini; Imlie sacrificed her affection for Malini and showed her maternal love to Malini’s daughter, and repeatedly sacrificed for T family’s happiness. Anu put her dignity at risk to please her daughter’s ego, without considering that the same thing could have occurred to her daughter, and she’ll file a case for Imlie; Malini considered Imlie as her sister, and later sacrificed her sister’s dignity Malini was one of those girls who didn’t allowed her mother to belittle Imlie However, she now dislikes Imlie.

Malini claims she committed the crime due to Imlie, Aparna saw everything and will never believe it. Malini did it to Aditya. Aparna wants to know why she was drunk and mistreated Imlie and attempted to separate him from his loved ones The love of a lifetime isn’t a thing to be won, it has to be earned and she has lost everything she had today.

Malini declares she will not lose and Imlie has lost. Malini tells Aditya that she was there for him , and she understands that how much he loves his family. He but she will not go with them So she’ll be able to adapt to his family, as she is determined to remain with him. Imlie leaves the scene with Arya along with his family.Malini says to Aditya that Imlie had left him and that she is with her and will never let him go.

Rupali Rupali Aditya to tell him the way Malini is and how she is using her child to take advantage of him. Pankaj states that even after all that has happened, Malini shamelessly is claiming her rights. He will not allow this to take place in the house. Radha insists that Aditya needs to make the decision right now. Aparna states that Aditya is aware of the truth, and until he makes an action, no one is going to return to the home. She leaves with the entire T family.

Imlie is sitting on a bench in the park crying. Aryan with his family is close by. Narmada states that Imlie was with them for several days, and they didn’t know that she was favoring them by showing love to them and so on. Aryan wants them to leave to the airport, and he’ll take Imlie with him in the future. He walks with Imlie. Aditya also walks towards her. Aryan states that she would like to speak to Aditya and he’ll drive maa and didi to home. Imlie is watching him walk toward his car. “Ye Duriyan.. The song is playing as the car drives by. Narmada talks to Aparna and tells her she’s returning home with her kids since her family demands her attention. She can contact her at any time she requires assistance. Aparna acknowledges her support for Imlie as well as asks to to thank Aryan for his help and protection of Imlie. Narmada and Arpita leave.

Aryan kneels before Imlie and apologizes to her tears, and asks to punish him since she doesn’t think he deserves her punishment The fact that he committed a huge error of not trusting his mother and believing in an oath-breaker Malini instead. He is the murderer who killed Aditya who said he would love her and remain with her for seven lives. The man holds Imlie’s hand, and beats him. Imlie insists that he not take her hand and walk away. She stumbles and sinks in the dirt.

Aditya sprints and picks her up, asking whether she’s okay. She tells him she’s good. He is trying to clean up her filth. She yells at him not to touch her while she threw dirt at him which could not be cleaned warning him that he was embarrassed the entire office personnel. He acknowledges his mistake and asks forgiveness. She says that she is Dadda’s mother and her pride, but his accusations damaged her self-esteem and is irreparable. She doesn’t require his apology , and she doesn’t have any other options to provide him with. Aditya is crying and tries to display the emotion, but she is unsuccessful.

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