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Imlie 22nd February Written Tellyupdate

Imlie 22nd February 2022 Written Episode Update

Aparna calls Malini and informs her that the everyone in the family will be going to the temple together with Narmada because she has planned a special poojas for them, and she must immediately go to the temple. Malini declares she’s tired and plans to leave home. Imlie is asking Aryan what’s his next step, Malini always won against her and was incapable of doing anything. Aryan declares that he’s there with her to help. Imlie prays Seeta maiya.

Aditya arrives at Anu’s home and inquires about Malini. Anu says Malini went home. Aditya questions what’s going on, Malini and Imlie are both missing. Anu declares that he’s concerned about his servant but not worried about his wife. He should focus on his son’s future and forget about Imlie or Imlie, and so on. He adds that Malini has called the family to their home. The man says he’s fine.

Malini is home when she spots people turning off the light bulbs and changing the projector and she asks the person. Imlie arrives and shares her secrets. Malini wants to know when she will end her tricks. Imlie claims that it isn’t cost-effective, but expensive, and prior to revealing her cost calculation, she is looking to reveal her. Malini claims she could receive an award for her ridiculous nonsense and make up fake stories. Imlie states that Malini fabricates false stories. She brought real footage, so let’s reveal Malini’s sinister actions. The projector is turned on and the video shows Malini driving a road roller towards her body.

Malini gets scared and wonders why this is happening, what happened to her video. Aryan arrives with Imlie and tells her that Malini is on her own, but Imlie is with him as well as Seeta Maiya. He claims Malini damaged his phone, however, she didn’t pay attention to drones flying over her. One who does what they want to forget that God is watching them.

Malini is furious when she tries to leave and falls. Imlie stands over her, and insists that she be cautious and she falls to the ground. Malini is hoping she would kill Imlie. Imlie claims she would like to murder her sister. Malini declares that Imlie is a selfish woman who tried to take her husband, just as her mother did when she stole her papa’s money. Imlie claims that if she had been hungry to get rich, she would have sought out property and name at the hands of Dev, Aditya and her romance was not a coincidence and not a forced affair like Malini’s. Aditya along with Tripathis listen to their conversation as Rupali is securing Anu. Anu is trying to fight back however, Rupali closes her mouth. Malini is adamant about all the crimes she has committed since the beginning until the moment she is able to return Aditya and demands that she wander off with her new lover and let her and Aditya on their own.

Aditya as well as Tripathis are stunned to learn that. Camera’s lens is focused on every family member’s faces. Imlie states she was honest about everything and didn’t reveal the reason she went away. She shows a video of Malini in a gunfight threatens Satyakam to remove Imlie away from Aditya’s and her lives and then shoots herself in order to accuse Imlie. Arpana is seen walking towards Malini. Malini insists to Arpana that Imlie has been lying.

Aparna slaps her. Anu exclaims that she is to hit her daughter who is pregnant without even having thought about it for a moment, she’ll bring a case against her. Aparna declares she will file a the case against her and declares she is happy to be her daughter’s idol through her depraved act. isn’t a decent mother. Malini can’t; the child in Malini’s womb does not belong to her. Malini says she is maa to her, and inquires about what she saying. Aparna is adamant not to make her her maa, as she is just Imlie’s maa.

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