Imlie 20th February 2022 Episode Written Updates| Tellyupdates

Imlie 20th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie 20th February 2022 Episode Written Updates| Tellyupdates
Imlie Latest Episode Tellyupdates

Imlie Instigates Malini with her provocative words and then pushes Malini to the ground. Malini presses her back and she falls to the ground injuring her head and falling over the balcony railing. Aryan runs to her, worried. Malini gets scared and says that she wasn’t trying to force her down. Aryan orders her to leave the area. Malini gets more anxious, calls Anu and informs the girl that they killed Imlie in error. Aryan recalls the last words spoken by Imlie and is convinced that she will never go with this, and she cries. Imlie is able to open her eyes and asks who shouts in her the ears. Aryan is stunned to discover her normal. Imlie declares that she’s fine due to Seeta Maiya’s grace. Aryan embraces her in a loving way. Imlie wonders why he is scared, and she does not be able to help him. Aryan questions if she truly is a superwoman who is able to escape when she falls from such a great distance.

Malini is able to reach Anu and tells her that Aryan was with her at the time she was killed by Imlie and now no one can save her. Anu wants her to lay down and let her deal with the situation. Aditya calls Malini. Malini declares she’ll reveal the truth to him. Anu tells her to that she can handle it. She informs Aditya that Malini arrived here because she was looking for her. Aditya is asked if he would like to talk to her. Anu tells him that Malini is sleeping now and will call again in the near future. Aditya asks the reason for Malini sleeping now even Imlie also hasn’t contacted him Should he contact her to find out the location of her, etc.

Imlie says to Aryan that she was looking at grain husk bags, and carefully stumbled upon them. Aryan shouts at her if she’s mad. He has already lost a loved one, and he can’t lose another of his dear ones. Imlie is asked if he regards her to be his dear one. He states that he will never lose his employee. He also says he can’t imagine seeing maa and didi suffering and if she could not come up with an alternative strategy to defeat Malini. Imlie declares that Malini is always defeated This time, she tried a an entirely different approach. Anu calls Aryan. Aryan declares that he is not going to let the mother and daughter duo go unnoticed. Anu is threatening that if she is open about it, Malini will lie that she was pushed by Malini even though she’ll defend Malini and claim that Aryan was involved in an affair Imlie and that during their heated debate the teen is able to push Imlie down and kills her. Aryan shouts”Listen to me. Anu warns that the police would listen only to well-known painter’s daughter, not an unlegitimate child or her boyfriend. Imlie disengages and informs Aryan that she’ll force Malini to acknowledge the truth in front of all.

In the lunch hour, Rupali tells family ladies that the house is peaceful today, even without Malini. Aditya notices this and says even Imlie is not there. Aparna declares that they are content today due to Imlie. Their argument begins. Radha demands that she stop and talk to his mother. Aditya declares he will go to see his wife, who is sick, since she is at Anu’s home. Aparna acts concerned. Aditya states that everyone should not display fake concern about Malini.

Anu is lying in bed with Malini on her bed as she sees the ghost of Imlie and yells. Malini awakes and sets out to fetch the water she needs. Anu is in a panic and believes that dead servant Imlie is not coming here. Imlie is back. Anu runs out screaming ghost. Malini offers her water and soothes her. Anu notices Imlie again and yells. Malini is wondering how she can be able to scare Aryan when she is scared of Imlie. Imlie is rushing towards the door when the door bell is ringing. Anu is shouting ghost once more. Malini wonders why ghosts sound the bell, perhaps police have come to arrest her. She walks in, shivering, and then relaxes after seeing Aditya. Aditya comes in and asks Anu how she’s doing. Anu tells him that she is ghost. Malini says that her mom is afraid to be alone in this house so she called her from here. She receives a phone call, and disappears.

Imlie hides seeing her. Malini detects someone, but then is able to get away. Aryan pulls Imlie aside. Malini’s assistant informs her that he was unable to locate Imlie’s body She asks where the body of Imlie go. Aditya listens to her and inquires about the dead body she’s speaking about. Malini declares she is in grieving as she is devastated because the dog she would feed every day was killed in a traffic accident. Her corpse is not there. Aditya consoles her. Aryan criticizes Imlie for her stupid idea. Anu is able to hear the sound again and yells ghost. Malini claims that mom sowed a horror film in the morning. Aditya admits he heard a voice, and then goes to the room, but Malini states that there’s no food in the room, they need to take a lunch. Aditya returns back.

Aryan says to Imlie that they’ve left and he’s only her boss from now on and she needs his Mirchi Bazaar article in both Hindi as well as English. Imlie says that he’s misusing her position as boss. He asks her what she will do and leaves. She is convinced that he will take on the guy later, but will take care of Malini first. Aryan is in his car in a state of anger, thinking about not being able to help Imlie yet However, he decides to give up and sits in the car waiting for Imlie.

Malini says to Aditya she doesn’t like visiting mom’s house and that he should have come to speak to her. Aditya apologizes to her for not listening to her however her determination was never wavering and she always stood by Aditya. Imlie continues to terrorize Anu as Anu asks for her to be spared. Imlie insists that she’s not here to bring her to the next world, and demands that she confess all her sins. Anu agrees to acknowledge her guilt. Imlie records hiding. Aditya observes Aryan waiting outside Malini’s home. Aryan declares he doesn’t wish to spend his time talking and states that Imlie is working on a secret mission that he worked on prior to. Aditya walks away. Malini is back with Anu and tells her it’s Imlie rather than her ghost. She makes her way to the location of the murder. Imlie believes that Aryan was right when he said that Malini isn’t going to give up at this point.

Aparna cooks laddoos in preparation for Aditya who is sad that he’ll be leaving home in the next few days. Rupali is hoping Aditya realizes Malini’s sins and realizes the that he is not the only one . Malini returns to the murder scene hoping to prove her Mom she is right that Imlie lives and is frightens her. She finds Imlie’s body, and believes she is not right, Imlie is really dead. Imlie recalls getting to the location prior to Malini with the assistance of Aryan. Malini is convinced that she should kill Imlie’s body prior to anyone noticing she drives a bulldozer at Imlie’s body. Imlie seeks Seeta maiya’s help. Aryan records video.

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