Imlie 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan Frees Imlie From The Promises

Imlie 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comMeethi walks to Aryan. Aryan says he was about to come down and shows his bandaged hands. Meethi thanks him for loving Imlie so much and saving her certificates from fire. Aryan these are not just articles and certificates but Imlie confidence and fire. He gives Imlie’s first salary which she give him as a house EMI. Meethi gets emotional and says she is very happy seeing him respecting Imlie’s wish. She returns him money and says she will keep the envelope, but he and Imlie have right on this money.Aryan returns to mandap. Panditji starts wedding rituals and chants mantras. Aparna and Methi perform gathbandhan. Badimaa taunts Arpita that ex-MIL and basi/stale roti Meethi are snatching her right. Arpita gives her a befitting reply and says Aryan’s happiness only matters to her. Aparna tells Aryan that he should let Imlie fight and not let her accept defeat. Aryan thinks he knows Imlie will not accept defeat, then what is she doing here. Imlie thinks she is still fighting for her dear ones Arpita and Narmada; they both can be a team again and fight together if he drops the idea of trapping Aditya in a false case. Panditji asks them to exchange garlands and start pheras. Imlie struggles to stand up due to leg sprain. Meethi asks if she has any problem to get up. Aryan says she doesn’t have to struggle to get up. Imlie thinks he heard her mind again. He lifting her up and performs pheras.Imlie closes her eyes during pheras and her tears fall on his hand. Aryan Imagines his inner voice asking him not to force Imlie for his benefit and says he is in a one-sided relationship since a few months with Imlie’s tears. He says he loves Imlie and cannot see her tears. Aryan says he doesn’t love Imlie and just wants to take revenge from Aditya. Inner voice says Aditya chose himself and got benefited and Aryan chose his family, Imlie is at loss; Imlie lives only for her family and he cannot force Imlie into the same trauma which he is trying to get her out of.Aryan asks Imlie to open her eyes and asks if she can stand herself. She nods yes. He lifts her down and asks if she will not talk to him even now. She asks what will happen if she says something. He says everything and says he took 6 pheras and wants her to finish 7 pheras by her wish and if she doesn’t want to, he will not force her and will end the deal between them. Badimaa smirks and thinks she knew something was wrong. Aryan tells Imlie that she is free to go if she wants to and nobody will question her. Imlie gets happy thinking she is free now and doesn’t have to marry forcefully. She frees her gathbandhan and walks away removing all her jewelry. T family tries to stop her, but Aryan says nobody will stop her.Precap: Badimaa convinces Narmada to let Gudiya marry Aryan and asks Gudiya to get into mandap. Imlie returns and stops her.

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