Imlie 12th March 2022 Written Update: Imlie jumps out of a car

Imlie 12th March 2022 Written Update on

Imlie 12th March 2022 Written Update


The show begins by Imlie asking Aryan the reason he chose to accept Aditya’s terms. She states that she does not want to be in a forced marriage. He is aware that what was happening to her in the past due to forced marriage, will be a part of his plans to ruin her life. She claims that she isn’t going to be a slave to him or to him. She wants to know why. He thinks he was trying to protect Imlie from Aditya. If she doesn’t do the rituals with him, Aditya will be able and think that Imlie is in love with him. He will never be able to leave her alone.

Aryan responds that he has an obligation to get married and cause harm to Aditya because the latter is his debt to her. Imlie asks how she can be able to believe this person that assisted her get through the divorce process is determined to end her life. She advises him to get out of the car. He insists that he will not. She tries to reach out for the excelletor, but he grabs his hand, and she asks her what the point of this. Imlie states that if he refuses to allow her to live her life according to her own rules, then she’ll die on own. Aryan is convinced he will not be able to stop her from jumping for long, so he pulls the car off in front of a sand beach and lets her leap out of the car. She falls onto the sandy ground. He raises her and says in order to take on him, she must take on with him. She says if she doesn’t have to have a chance, otherwise she’ll make him lose. He places her in the backseat of the car and begins driving.

Aunt Aryan and Gudiya exchange the real gems with duplicates inside their vehicle. Gudiya advises her to hurry or they could be taken into custody. Aunt warns that if they make a mistake and an actual jewel falls inside the fake box, then they’ll be in danger. Narmada, Arpita and servants arrive to greet them, and then they get out from the vehicle. Aunt Narmada informs Narmada she bought everything to give them.

Aunty says she is from Gudiya’s family and that these are shagun. Aunt gives an ornament to Arpita. Arpita is the one who takes Narmada away and tells her that Aryan isn’t looking at Gudiya which is the reason Narmada is encouraging her aunt. Gudiya says to her aunt that she is excited to be married to the beautiful Aryan who is not only rich in wealth but also good looks. She says they shouldn’t have put up money to duplicate their jewels in order to make them look attractive. Aunt says this would result in her being the sole owner of the massive property. Gudiya observes Aryan coming in wearing a garland. She yells at him, seeing Imlie standing beside her. Aryan wonders what they’re doing in this room.

Narmada Asks Aryan whether he has done anything wrong, as he’s not looking at her eyes. Aryan and Imlie recall their contract and Imlie informs Narmada that they were married. Aryan states they have given their consent. The couple wanted to be married, and he got married. Aunt scolds Narmada for letting her down and humiliates Imlie as well. Aryan defends Imlie and says that her real name is Imlie and she is his wife.

Precap: Aryan has pheras taken together with Imlie and instructs Imlie to go for the seventh phera on their own

Precap– Imlie performs Tandav for Aryan. Aryan struggles for life .

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