Imlie 12th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Narmada’s Condition Worsens When Nila Spikes Her Drink

Imlie 12th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aryan asks Imlie to leave from the kitty party right now as her plan is going to fail. Imlie stands up saying fail, then tells ladies that her husband will fail everyone. She describes Aryan’s flaws and says her husband is moody and egoistic, he sleeps for only 4 hours, never finishes his words and leaves a 3rd word incomplete, she is so pissed with his attitude, he is like a closed door who never reveals what he feels or thinks. She continues venting out her frustration on Aryan. Ladies say her husband crossed all the limits, how can she tolerate such a monster. Aryan vents out his frustration on Mr Sharma.

Narmada starts coughing. Arpita offers her water. Nila stops her and offers her spiked drink, lying its a ginger water to soothe her throat, to spoil her throat. She then scolds her for giving too much leniance to Imlie. Arpita says Imlie has gone out on work. Nila says DIL is duty is to serve her MIL just like Gudiya is serving. Narmada’s condition worsens after drinking spiked drink. Nila thinks of harming Narmada and Imlie.

Imlie thinks she couldn’t get a clue yet and tells ladies that they are low-fi and she is high-fi, so they should learn to air kiss like her. She teaches them air kiss. Lady thanks her and says she can visit their home next time. She takes lady aside and lies that her husband is losing his job and she will not have money to play cards; she asks how did her husband earn so much money as she also wants to earn money. Lady says if her husband forgets the difference between right and wrong, even he can earn lots of money like my husband. Imlie asks what does her husband do. Lady is about to reveal when her friends call her and leave after air kissing her. Imlie says now that her friends are gone, she can reveal the secret now. Lady says she will later as her husband would be coming now and asks Imlie to leave for now. Imlie drops her purse and a voice recorder falls out of it. Lady asks about it. Imlie acts as leaving hurriedly and hides.

Narmada’s condition continues to work. Arpita calls pharmacy and scolds them for not having Narmada’s medicine. Imlie hides in a bathroom, calls pharmacist, and asks him to personally deliver medicine to her home. Lady with her husband walks into room who scolds her for her high expenses wastng money in kitty parties and shopping and says he will control her expenses from hereon. She asks him why did he marry her if cannot provide her needs. He says his boss is not increasing his salary. She asks if his boss forgot what happened 4 years ago. He says boss forgot that if he had not done what he did 4 years ago, nobody would have known Purandas company now; Arvind Shekhawat had taken over the whole market. Imlie’s phone rings.

Husband asks his wife if her party hasn’t finished yet. She says it finished long ago and checks bathroom. Imlie hides behind the door and escapes via window, but realizes she left her recorder in bathroom. Lady picks recorder and says her new friend had brought it. Husband asks what is her name. Lady says she doesn’t know. Husband says her friend barged into party purposefully and recorded whole thing. He searches for cameras. News paper falls down. Lady notices Imlie and Aryan’s wedding photo in the newspaper and informs husband that she is her new friend. Husband realizes that Aryan’s wife had barged in and saw them.

Narmada’s condition deteriorates more. Nila yells if Imlie had brought medicine on time, this situation wouldn’t have arisen. Pharmacists delivers medicne. Gudiya receives it. Arpiata asks if Imlie had come. Gudiya hides medicine and lies. She informs Nila about it, and Nila asks her to hide the medicines like kaju in a kofta.

Aryan at work worries for Imlie. He prints his wedding photo and adds it in an empty photo frame. He calls Imlie, but finds her not reachable. He scolds photo frame that Imlie is really careless, he asked her many times to keep two sims, but she doesn’t listen to him, etc. A lady employee walks in and reminds him that he has to judge a beauty pageant competition organized by Bhaskar Times. Aryan denies. She says he has signed a deal. Aryan agrees and asks her to send him details. Narmada calls him and informs that maa’s condition is worsening. He rushes hhome and oders medicine. Nila starts badmouthing about Imlie. Aryan says Imlie’s phone is out of coverage, she values family more. Gudiya gives him medicine and says she posted a request in social media and got it via one of his followers. Aryan gives medicine to Narmada and asks her to rest. Aryan thanks Gudiya for arranging medicnie. Gudiya holds his hand and starts flrting with him. Arpita sys they should let maa rest.

Aryan informs Arpita that he doesn’t want to judge a stupid beauty pageant competition where models who want to become heroines will talk about technology. Arpita reminds that he himself wanted to become a supermodel. Aryan asks her not to talk about this secret. Gudiya insists to participate in the competition. Aryan says he will just her right here. Nila reminds him Gudiya’s favor. Aryan agrees. Imlie visits Aryans’ office and asks employee about Aryan. Employee says he has gone to just a beauty pageant conest. Imlie thinks if Aryan knows about Sait Purandas or not.

Precap: Imlie disguised as a factory employee enters factory with someone to find out the connection between Sait Purandas and Arvind’s factory.

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