Illusive Hearts & Destiny’s Play {Reyansh & Pranati, Gauri & Omkara SS-Prologue}

AN : I thank Jasmine Rahul for suggesting me to write on movie MayamayooramIllusive Peacok and I have adapted that movie for this short story with some changes . This one is dedicated to her. CharactersReyansh Singh Oberoi who is a college professor Younger Twin brother of Omkara Singh Oberoi Pranati Gupta who is a family friend of Oberois and she is a Nurse who use to take care of Reyansh’s dadi.Omkara Singh Oberoi A passionate artist and a poet Gauri Sharma A business entrepenur but also an adamant fan of Omkara’s paintingsGauri and Omkara are living in United States as part of their profession whereas Reyansh & Pranati are living in Mumbai with their families only.Baljeet Singh Oberoi Grandmother of Reyansh & OmkaraFor her status, blood, lineage , money , reputation are everything. She doesn’t likes Pranati eventhough Pranati takes care of her very much.Shobna Gupta Pranati’s MomTej Singh Oberoi & Jhanvi Singh Oberoi Parents of Om & Reyansh – Tej is a reouted Business icon who owns Oberoi Industries. Jhanvi is the Accountant of Oberoi IndustriesLet’s move to the story.At an exhibhition of Om’s PaintingsA girl started taking photos of some paintings .Omkara : Excuse me , Photography is not allowed hereGirl : I really want to buy some of them, Mr. Artist.Omkara : These are not for sale , it’s a programme to show case some thing unique . So I can’t give you any painting.Girl : Mmhh…I will offer whatever money you require , what you say ?Omkara : Madam, I already told you this is not for sale, it’s value can’t be measured in any bundles of currency notes.Girl : I am sorry if I hurt you , but I just can’t keep my eye away from your paintings. So please give me any of them. PleaseOmkara : No I can’t give you my painting.Girl ; This is my card. Please keep it and please give me a painting of yours in future .Omkara keeps the card.Girl : I think you didn’t liked my presence , So better I can leaveOmkara : GauriGirl : Wow you know my name ? How ?Omkara : Now only you gave your visiting card.Gauri : Oh Yeah!! How dumb I amOm smilesGauri : Mr. Artist , please keep smiling like these. It looks good at your face.Omkara : Thank you and you can call me Omkara rather than addressing as Mr. ArtistGauri whispered herself : Artist ko artist nahi bulawungi toh kya Minister bolun ?Omkara : Attitude thodi kam karegi toh bahut acchi lagegiGauri : Are you an Indian ?Omkara : Of courseGauri looks Om. Meanwhile her phone rings.Gauri : Okay bye, I need to leaveOmkara : ByeGauri walks away, Om looks her

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