I wish you were here – Ep 8 – CAPTURED

Aarya is enjoying the time with Kartik and family. Aarya is unable to take her eyes off Sid. Mayur watches them and gets angry. He wants revenge. When Kairav gets away from everyone to get to restroom he meets him

Mayur: Bacha..do you want to know something?

Kairav: who are you? oh the uncle who pulled me from mumma

Mayur drags Kairav to a car and takes him away.

Kartik panics on not finding Kairav.

Sid: Kairav…Kairav

Everyone go in search of Kairav. Kartik’s phone buzzes. Its an unknown number

He sees a picture of Kairav in a car, he starts to panic. Aarya sees this and comes to him

Aarya: Kya hua Sid?

Sid shows the picture to her . Aarya is shocked too

Aarya: We have to find Kairav soon Sid

Naksh: Yes Aarya is right

Manish: Where will be go in search for him?

Sid’s phone rings. Its The same unknown number. Aarya picks it up and gives it to Kartik but he doesn’t take it.

Aarya: Hello

Kairav: Mumma, Mumma …Woh uncle who pushed me from you has brought me with him…he is going towards somewhere.. it’s getting dark..Im afraid Mumma.. he has gone to get something I got the phone

Aarya: Bacha dont panic…please dont panic….tell me what you can see around….something peculiar

Kairav: Here is a huge Krishna ji statue

Aarya: Thats it…bacha dont worry we will be there soon

The call disconnects.

Aarya: I am so ashamed to say that Mayur kidnapped Your son. I am sorry. But also, he took Kairav near the Krishna Bhagwan temple and hills.

Sid: You know where it is?

Aarya: Yes chalo!

Aarya and Kartik get in car. She cries knowing Mayur did this.

Sid: Don’t worry. We will find Kairav

Aarya gets angry on seeing Mayur

Aarya : You heartless man..what have you done to the child

Mayur: I need you Aarya …only for me….I cannot let anyone else take you with them.

Aarya slaps Mayur when he is about to hurt Kairav. Sid and Aarya run to Kairav and hug him.
Kairav Naira

The police reach there.

Aarya: Take him away sir…we will give complain

Mayur begs Aarya to come with him and marry him. Aarya pushes him away.

Kaira’s room

Kartik puts Kairav aur Akshu to sleep, he thinks of the happenings and is feeling happy. Swarna comes to him

Swarna: Kartik..not yet asleep? Please rest.

Kartik hugs her

Kartik: Maa…today I felt that Naira is back

Swarna: She is back indeed Kartik. She may be Aarya Sharma but her heart beats for you. I think Aarya loves you

Kartik: Maa?

Swarna: Haan beta. I could see the love in her eyes

Kartik: What do I do maa? Im unable to say that Im Kartik …what should I do now?

Swarna: Kartik…Aarya or Naira name doesn’t matter her heart found your heart ..so Sid or Kartik names dont matter. Dont force her to accept Kartik …she will accept KARTIK after she regains memory

Kartik: What if she never ?

Swarna: Your love will make her regain. So dont get overwhelmed all of a sudden

Kartik: Isnt it wrong maa? SHe is Aarya as she remembers everything but me

Swarna: Whats wrong Kartik? You are Sidfrom Rishikesh right..that Sid whom Naira fell for the first time..then too she didn’t know that you are Kartik

Kartik: But

Swarna: Everything is fair in love and war. Let Aarya love Sid..you Kartik keep loving Naira…that love will one day convert Aarya into Naira

Kartik nods. The scene freezes


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