I wish you were here – Ep 7 – CUPCAKES

While the family are planning for the picnic with such an excitement Aarya reaches her house. Mayur is not there but his absence does not make any difference to her. Her mind is all around Akshu and Sid. With those thoughts Aarya goes to sleep. Whatever may have happened the basic character will not change and that is evident here as the old times are back. Yes Kartik ki sherni’s dreams are back…

After the picnic, family and Aarya celebrate Makar Sankranti.

Sid: Aarya, let’s take a selfie, chalo come Kairav.

Aarya picks up Akshu.

After celebration:

Aarya: Chalo ji, I will leave now. Thank you having me.

Manish: Arrey isme, kya thanks, think of this house as yours.

Aarya: Thank you uncle.

Everyone: Bye Aarya!

Next day: Sid and Aarya meet at the park. Sid has got cupcakes for Aarya.

Aarya: Sid, aap mind reader ho kya? I have been wanting Cupcakes since morning, I told Mayur but he didn’t get me any, thank you so my lo- Aarya in mind(what did you say idiot! But am I sure I love Sid)

Aarya blushes knowing she was about to say love

Sid: It’s okay my jaa- Sid in mind(kya bol rahe ho buddhu! Yeh Naira nahi ho sakti. No wait, she is Naira, she loves cupcakes and looks like her exactly.)

Sid blushes knowing he was going to say jaan

Naksh sees the pair and calls them over!

Naksh: Kar- Sid! Dadi ne puja rakhi hai. we have to go home! She said to bring Aarya as well!

Kartik in mind: bach gaye Naksh nearly said Kartik.

Kartik to Aarya: Chale Aarya? Otherwise dadi bohot daantengee kare gi.

Aarya: Ok Sid let’s go.

At the villa.

Dadi: Tum log, where were you? Namaste Aarya.

Sid: Kya Dadi, Aarya ke samne daat rahe ho?

Aarya laughs.

Sid looks at her. She stops laughing.

Dadi: Aarya tum laugh karo.

Everyone laughs

After puja, they family all eat the cupcakes and then dadi ki prasad.

Kartik smiles seeing Akshu, Kairav, Krishna with Aarya urf Naira.

Mayur arrives.

Aarya stands up holding Akshu.


Aarya: Tum mujhe follow kyu kar te ho! Meri bhi life hai.

Sid: Who gave you this address?

Mayur: Your best friend herself.

Sid: Kya? Aarya tum, you said you would never give him your address

Aarya: I didn’t, Ganga Maiya ki kasam, I didn’t!

Ganga Maiya echoes in Kartik/Sid’s ears

Aarya: Get out now! MAYUR I SAID NIKLO YAHA SEY!

Dadi to Manish: She is like Naira, when that badmash Raghav wanted her.



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