I wish you were here – Ep 6 – Maa Beti


Mayur: Why have you brought him here?

Aarya: Shush, mera dost hai.

Mayur: Please understand, he is KARTIK. Your ex, the one who pushed you off the hill.

Aarya: Chup. (Turns to Sid/kartik), I am sorry Sid, Mayur is overprotective, but I will make him understand, I will see you tomorrow. Bye.

Sid: Ok, bye I will bring Akshu with me too.

Aarya: ok nice! Bye.

Its next morning when Kartik, and Akshu set out for the day.

Luv : All the best bhaiya, its the next step pf our plan

Kairav : Papa Ill come too

Kush: Kairav you come with us, hum painting karte hai

Kairav: Nahi bro

Krish: Kairav lets do something awesome today. You let Mamu and Akshu go

Vansh: Haan Kairav

Gayu: Kairav Ill make cupcakes for you.

Kairav: Okay Ill stay back.

Naksh: I will come Kartik? Yesterday

Keerthi: Naksh Naira hi toh =then what

Akhil: Correct..you go beta. All the best

Sid walks out on the streets.

Sid: Akshu beta you will be meeting mumma again today after sooo long. Mumma pure duniya ko bool sakthe hai par unki princess ko nahi

Sid reaches the Aarya’s houses and waits there playing with Akshu. Aarya opens the door.

Sid: Hello Aarya, I have Kairav and Akshu for you.

Aarya: Hello Sid

Akshu smiles seeing Naira/Aarya

Aarya: Aapki beti pyari hai

Sid: Thank you

Aarya : Akshu – Name is as lovely as her…I feel like I have a relationship of births with her

Mayur comes there. He snatches Akshu and hurts her. Aarya aka Naira is irritated. She slaps Mayur

Aarya: Idiot …is this how you handle a kid? Mayur who told you that Im here? Are you following me?

Mayur: You are cheating me with him.

Aarya: Oh shut up Mayur..from the moment I remember you have been controlling everything I do. Just stop it Let me some breathing space. I feel suffocated with you.

Mayur : Achaa..I saved you….and you

Aarya: So what? Should I hold your feet always?

Kartik is happy to see that his Naira is getting on her own

Mayur : Shall I leave from here?

Aarya: With pleasure

Mayur leaves

Sid : Sorry Aarya..because of me

Aarya: Nahi nahi Sid This is all beyond limits.. he has been always following and blackmailing me. Akshu.. Akshu beta…

Sid Akshu and Aarya have some happy time

Aarya: Sid aapki beti kamaal ki hai…its been afternoon that is hours since I held her in my arms but I did not feel it till I saw my watch. If you don’t mind I have to see to go to my dance studio.

Sid: You own a dance studio? Nice. My wife liked dance as well.

Sid gets Akshu. Akshu kicks Aarya . Sid and Aarya are shocked

Aarya: Bacha ji mein naa jaun kiya? Par muje jaana padega na bacha aap ache bache ho na…so let me go I will be back soon

Aarya leaves. Kartik and Akshu get back

Swarna: Kya hua Kartik? How did it go?

Kartik tells the happenings

Manish: The maa inside my beti has come out. Kartik beta she will soon get back her memories

Naksh: Haan papa you are right

Swarna gets Akshu.

Kairav: Papa to win over mumma I have an idea

Kartik: What is it beta?

Kairav: Cupcake papa.. mumma cannot resist it

Luv : Brilliant idea hena

Kush: Yeah.. correct. .bhaiya, bhabhi cannot resist it

Kartik: Correct.. tomorrow Ill take the cupcakes made by me to her

Dadi: What if she doubts?

Akhil: Lets make a family picnic..at the park then she wont doubt na

Rajshri: Bilkul beta..nice idea.


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