I wish you were here – Ep 20 – SIRAT

RECAP: NAIRA SEES THE GUY-ROHAN.. (*20*): Naira kya hua meri Laila? …kuch sahi nahi hai. Tell me, batao na Naira tells what occurred and Luv Kush come (*20*): Next time when you see him discuss to him and get to understand how we may also help him, we’ll do something to assist.. Naira: I thought you will… I thought you can be indignant.. (*20*): Naira with what you described him the man is in a deep drawback and desires a precise assist, we’re saving somebody, we’ll get their blessings. Then why not? Par ab chalo don’t stress a lot. Aaj Diwali hai na.. Aur tum Luv Kush, chalo. They depart The man had hidden behind a wall and listened to their dialog. He breathes out of tiredness The man in thoughts: Bhagwan ka lakh shukar hai, they’re so variety hearted . We can execute the plan with them and Save her. Lets meet them tomorrow and inform our points He leaves from there. The scene freezes. Next morning. (*20*) and Naira are within the park sitting, having fun with one another’s firm. (*20*): Kitna time ho gaya na, since we got here here Naira: Haan (*20*). (*20*): Missed it or missed me? Oh sorry, you had forgotten me na Naira: Don’t discuss like that, and discuss straight , you missed me (*20*): Haan I missed you in each breath of mine and in each heartbeat, I couldn’t dwell with out you (*20*) stops in awe. He pulls her nearer (*20*): Ab kya jaan lekar hello manogi? Naira: Dont point out demise anymore, nor will you depart me or will I depart you. (*20*): Acha sorry nah Naira They instantly cease as they really feel a presence behind them and switch to see the Rohan behind. Naira is shocked Naira: You…? What are you doing here? (*20*) understands that its him with Naira’s response and: (*20*): Brother inform us what assist you want from us. Why are you following my spouse? The man: Pehle to, Im Rohan. I want your big assist and please dont say no. It’s about saving a life. Naira: How can we? Rohan: Wait a minute you will get your reply. He takes his cellular , opens the gallery and exhibits an image to them. Naira and (*20*) can’t imagine their eyes. (*20*) holds Naira as she slips in shock Naira: Yeh toh….she…seems to be like me (*20*): Who is she ? Rohan: SIRAT SHEKHAWAT
Rohan tells Sirat's truth The dialog is muted . Rohan cries and (*20*) consoles him Rohan: Sir..mam..please assist us. Please (*20*): Definitely we’ll, – Naira: (*20*) par household we’d like their assist, and we can’t inform Chachi or she is going to inform Rhea (*20*): Haan Naira . They will certainly agree. Sirat must be stored secure Naira: Rohan come house with us. The scene shifts to Goenka VILLA. Everyone together with Naksh and Keerthi are there. Even the youngsters are there, all of them console Rohan (*20*) explains the dialog (particulars can be revealed after) Dadi: Bechari bachi, she went by lots, her mother- who behaves like that. We will certainly assist on this beta Naksh: Of course. Rohan: But ji..that man could be very harmful. Naira: Toh mein bhi kuch kam nahi hoon …sherni hoon mein sherni (*20*): Rohan is there another person too with us on this? Rohan: Haan ji Sirat’s coach. He solely noticed madam within the hill temple and despatched me looking for her Naira: Oh ho..you stated you are Sirat’s buddy then dont name me madam, aur chinta mat karo, Sirat ko kuch nahi hoga (*20*): Haan name us (*20*) and Naira Naira: (*20*)..bache..how.. Kairav ke exams Kairav: Dont fear muma..Ill not bother papa and assist you fulfill this mission (*20*): We should make a narrative like Naira: Me falling into coma as a result of an accident, and Sirat who can be stored here, Rhea will suppose Sirat is me, and Im in coma (*20*)’s eyes get moist. Naira holds him nearer Naira: Just a lie (*20*) (*20*): I know that however I nonetheless….. Naira hugs him Naira: You know,,how its like.. you skilled this when your hand slipped off mine. I simply wished why not me in your house (*20*): Chup raho okay. If you depart me Ill … Dadi: Ab bas karo dono dont discuss garbage and do one thing helpful, aur Naira, Akshu ki chinta maat karna. Kaira get away (*20*): None aside from the folks on this room now ought to find out about this plan. Surekha: Rhea is coming here subsequent week Naira: Then she should meet Sirat within the coma situation Naksh: So we fake like Naira is in coma here whereas in actual she can be in Jaisalmer (*20*): Yes All prepare for the plan. The scene freezes Few weeks later Kaira room The room which witnessed love and pleasure of Kaira even confronted their tears and loneliness. Now this place has given shelter to a woman precisely like Naira with oxygen masks and displays. (*20*) enters the room and pulls the curtains to cease the daylight from irritating Sirat. He checks the temperature whereas there’s a knock on the door. He turns to see a woman The lady: Hi (*20*) Im Rhea ..and Im sorry for what occurred, I’m like your buddy..
Rhea in thoughts: Im solely your buddy for now, quickly I can be your spouse, and this Naira, can be useless. (*20*): Its okay Rhea Akshu cries in her cradle. Rhea picks her up (*20*): She doesn’t regulate to strangers. HE TAKES AKSHU FROM RHEA (*20*): Kya hua…kya hua, meri bachi Akshu stops her cries (*20*): Rhea tum bahar jao please, I want to alter Rhea: Okay high quality She walks out with a jealous smile. (*20*) locks the door and his cellular rings. He takes the cellphone after putting Akshu in her cradle (*20*) accepts the video name. He sees his Naira utterly trying like Sirat together with her hair reduce, nostril ring and her fashion of dressing modified Naira: Keh kare ho (*20*) ji? (*20*): Naira..whats this? Naira: Oops sorry sorry ..Sirat’s fashion of speaking.. taking classes from Rohan he’s instructing me (*20*): Is the whole lot high quality until now? Kuch hafte ho gaye, since Sirat aka you recovered, did Mukesh or Sheila or what’s their son’s title? Did they do something Naira: You ask this on a regular basis, and their son’s title is.. Woh Sonu, Sirat ka step bhai (*20*): Im involved for you, that’s the reason I requested Naira: I know.. its high quality..they haven’t come out of their shock but. Till then I am making an attempt to enhance the well being of her Maudi and hunt for the murderers (*20*): Good job and keep secure Naira: Yeh sab chodo..bache kaise hai..particularly Akshu? Woh zyada ro nahi rahi haina? (*20*): My princess in very completely satisfied Naira: I hope tum koi gadbad nahi kar rahe ho, aur agar kuch ho to Luv Kush ya maa, chachi, Gayu di or dadi ko dena.. (*20*): Kuch toh barosa rakho na Naira, I am her father Naira: Just kidding. Acha they’ll doubt..Im going now..bye , discuss tomorrow (*20*): Ruko..Naira..we actually miss you, when will you be again.. Naira: I miss you all and I love you. Bye (*20*): Love you too.. Kal baat karege. The name disconnects. (*20*) walks to Sirat (*20*): I don’t know with what sand or soil or what you were product of, you have been opposing not solely boxing opponents, however actual life devils as effectively.. We will discover Ranveer, Sirat In subsequent scene Naira walks out with boxing outfit. She sees an odd trying man , his spouse and a baby with a cuff gazing her with with anger. The episode freezes


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